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Go-Go Gadget Toy!

Go-Go Gadget Toy!

It’s everyone’s favorite mechanical crime fighter (other than Robocop)! Here we have an old 12″ Inspector Gadget by Galoob dated 1983. Go-Go Gadget Copter! (Click to enlarge) For those who don’t remember Inspector Gadget, I’ll try to sum him up quickly. It was an 80s cartoon inspired by the old spy show, Get Smart. The […]

Weird Ball -

Weird Ball – “Runnin’ Ralph”

Well, well, well. If it isn’t another Weird Ball figure by Mel Appel and Crayart. If you don’t remember Weird Ball cards or figures, don’t fret. I had no idea what they were either, until I managed to shed some light on the subject in my previous entry about “None Chuck.” And just like our […]

Gross Out Gang - Skilcraft 1987

Gross Out Gang – Skilcraft 1987

Gross Out Gang (Click to enlarge) Warning: This next little bit is just my jabbering on about the blog and my discovery of the Gross Out Gang. This entry is particularly special to me, because a couple of months ago, when I started this site, I had a simple vision of sharing some weird toys […]

“What, Me Worry?”

So, I’ve been milking the toys I found at the Allentown Antique Toy Show for all they’re worth, but worry no more. This is the last one. (Click to enlarge) By now, you all can guess what drew me to this goofball. What’s not to love about a squatty, nappy-headed, balding Alfred E, Neuman lookalike […]

Super Juniors - Batman and Robin

Super Juniors – Batman and Robin

“Holy diaper rash, Batman!” It’s Batman and Robin as you’ve never seen them before. They’re 7″ vinyl squeeze toys… and they’re babies. These lil’ fellas were my first find at the Allentown Antique Toy Show. (Click to enlarge) From what I can gather from the legal info on their feet, these toys are called Super […]

Axe's Pitman Keychain

Axe’s Pitman Keychain

In 2004 Axe attempted to appeal to guys with an ad campaign featuring a cartoony armpit character named Pitman. The ads were based on the idea that Pitman is a hit with the ladies because he is so dry. There’s nothing sexier than dry armpits, right ladies? You mean there is? A walking, headless armpit […]

Gross Out Gang - Class of '87

Gross Out Gang – Class of ’87

While searching for the newly discovered Gross Out Gang, I came across a seller on eBay offering up this 1987 Skilcraft toy ad. (Click to enlarge) Needless to say, I bought it merely for the photo of the whole gang. (Click to enlarge) Now that we know what the whole gang looks like, help me […]

Captain Cavewoman?

Captain Cavewoman?

So, I found this nappy, scraggly, disgusting piece of plastic at a flea market years ago. Funny thing is, this little lady looks like she might actually have fleas. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) It seems like she’s a finger-puppet or something (the ugliest finger-puppet a mother can buy but a finger-puppet nonetheless). She […]

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