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Allentown Antique Toy Show

Allentown Antique Toy Show

Last weekend I flew up to Allentown, PA for my first big toy show. It was the Allentown Antique Toy Show at the Allentown Fair. Here are my impressions: 1. I was the only guy under 50 in that place. Seriously. I felt like I was surrounded by my grandparents. It wasn’t a big deal, […]

A Mickey by any other name...

A Mickey by any other name…

So, a Disney toy is making an appearance on the Weirdo Toys blog. Well, not exactly. I recently discovered this primitive “Micky Mouse” in an article over at Boing-Boing, that discusses the controversial origins of that punk “Mickey Mouse” and his toys. Allegedly, Performo-Toy Company were selling Micky Mouse toys before the Disney character ever […]

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