It is a term used to describe what one does not understand. Something that is odd, unconventional and downright bizarre.

Sure, we may be a little bit different – We don’t look like you look. We don’t act like you act. We’re not from a mail-order catalog. We are unique, and we will not be ignored. Just stop for a moment, and you will discover that we all have a story to tell.

We live in a world that celebrates pristine, perfected, cookie-cutter aesthetics. It is up to us to destroy all preconceived notions and redefine what beauty truly means.

We strive to celebrate the unique. The misunderstood. The flawed. It is our imperfections that defines us as individuals.

We know we are different, and we are not alone.

The world doesn’t understand us, but we now have a voice.
A mission. A hope.

We are Weirdos and we are proud.

Welcome home.

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