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Toxic Underworld Unveiled

Toxic Underworld Unveiled

“After the fallout… They are all that crawled out.” This is the Toxic Underworld! Goodleg Toys X Weirdo Toys present this group of custom bootleg figures. They will be knocking at your door on Halloween, Oct 31st, at Midnight GMT+1. To stay super-current on the release, follow Goodleg’s Facebook feed. Better get your kids to […]

He'll fight for freedom wherever there's zombies.

He’ll fight for freedom wherever there’s zombies.

Wow. Over the weekend, I discovered this awesome music video (thanks Brad) for Zombie Zombie’s “Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free” song. I don’t know a thing about the band, but I’m in love with this video. Stop motion vintage G.I. Joe… in the antarctic… fighting zombies. What’s not to love? This is […]

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