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Go-Go Gadget Update!

There’s been an update to the Go-Go Gadget Toy entry. New photos! More info! What more do you want? Go over and check it out!

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  1. Grandbibee says:

    Whatever happened to The Thumb? That used to the everyone’s favorite toy back in my generation. The more it got sucked, the weirder it looked.
    The thumb was followed by the bankie. Your Uncle Garry’s bankie started out twin size and ended up less than one inch square. I sent that piece to Charles Schultz to help out Linus when Lucy hid his blanket on him.
    We later found another piece woven into a bird’s nest.
    The beauty of The Thumb and The Bankie is that they didn’t cost anything.
    At least not until the Thumbsuckers and Bankiesniffers ended up in Therapy years later.

  2. Justin says:

    Hey Grandbibee! Thanks for dropping by the site. I hope you weren’t scared off 😉

    Yeah, “the thumb” and “the binkie” ARE pretty rare. I never even see them on eBay. If we look hard enough, we may be able to find the ones we had as kids.

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