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OMFG Series 2 - Vote Now!

OMFG Series 2 – Vote Now!

Awesome! The folks at October Toys are gonna start working on Series 2 of the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG). If you don’t know about OMFG, you’re missing out. Read all about it on their Kickstarter page. In the meantime, they are taking votes for which characters/designs will make it into the next series. As […]



“OMFG” is right! Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! The community at October Toys are always up to something, and this time, it’s an awesome little set of mini figures – a throwback to the old M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from the 80s. This first series includes Multiskull, Crawdad Kid, Phantom Outhouse, King Castor and Stroll. These new figures […]

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