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The Greater York Toy Extravaganza 2011

The Greater York Toy Extravaganza 2011

A few years back, I discovered the Greater York Toy Extravaganza – a huge toy show which takes place Thanksgiving weekend in York, PA. Each year the show is packed with everything – 800 tables of modern stuff, vintage stuff and even historical stuff. Plastic crap or diecast metal crap. All types of toys for […]

Lil' Zombie Prototype 3

Lil’ Zombie Prototype 3

You know those little green army men that we all had growing up? We kind of liked them, because they were cool military guys with weapons, but we also hated them cuz they weren’t as cool and poesable like modern 3.75″ figures like G.I. Joe. Well, they are iconic and will probably always be around […]



“OMFG” is right! Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! The community at October Toys are always up to something, and this time, it’s an awesome little set of mini figures – a throwback to the old M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from the 80s. This first series includes Multiskull, Crawdad Kid, Phantom Outhouse, King Castor and Stroll. These new figures […]

The Logs That Could've Been

The Logs That Could’ve Been

Hey! It turns out, there were potentially gonna be more LOG figures out there for us toy collecting types. Here’s a look at a bunch of goofy LOG prototypes by Palisades on sale in Corndog Collectibles’ eBay Store. (Thanks to Krakit for the tip.) They’re great. Check ’em out. Heck, if you have enough money, […]

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