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Weirdo Google Searches pt. 3 (and more)

Weirdo Google Searches pt. 3 (and more)

You know what’s lame? You’ve only really had one good toy entry since the last “Weirdo Searches” entry. It’s pretty embarrassing actually. Sorry.

I’ll do my best to get a quality entry to you this week. I’m busy with some personal crap, but that’s no excuse.

To help alleviate the pain, here’s a quick glance at the stuff I bought last weekend at the Charlotte toy show.

(Click to enlarge)
Random toys

Here’re some random Joes and Joe knock-offs.

(Click to enlarge)
universal monsters

Some old Universal Monsters toys.

I know those may be semi-interesting, but check these guys out.They’re not from the Charlotte show, but they’re great nonetheless.

(Click to enlarge)
he-man bootlegs

It’s an awesome bootleg He-Man and Skeletor set I got from Mexico.

Don’t worry. You can definitely expect to see a detailed entry about these guys.

And now, onto the goofy Weirdo Google Searches that lead to my blog.

Weirdo Searches

The Top 20 weird search terms from April 1-30, 2009: (I just couldn’t keep it at 10 this time 😉 )

20. “what is the name of the elf who wanted to be a dentist on rudolf the red nosed reindeer”
19. “the batman shoes the ones that have robin”
18. “those who wait… leave your”
17. “sweet&lovey boobs”
16. “drool coming out ass videos”
15. “‘what do you get’ ‘you cross a dragon'”
14. “amtoy + i love you sooo much”
13. “animal with weird balls”
12. “got some big ass titties”
11. “banana up your snatch”
10. “boob enhancer machines”
9. “comic devil who likes apples”
8. “cool jesus toys”
7. “i think frankenstein”
6. “squeeze a dinosaur and it vomits on you-toy”
5. “how to be a weirdo”
4. “toy rub my way”
3. “funny thing about boobs that i saw recently”
2. “how much is archie bunker’s grandson doll worth”
1. “ass lisp”

“Ass Lisp?” Can that be heard during flatulence? If so, what does that sound like?

14 Responses

  1. The King of Bootlegs says:

    Oh yeah! Those good gawd aweful Bastards of The Universe Motu knock offs are the absolute best. The Oversized heads are too good to be true!

  2. Mittens says:

    “the batman shoes the ones that have robin”?


  3. Oldman says:

    Pretty sickening search information. A lot of Weirdo People. Just think
    what the people at Google get to witness everyday. Other than that, it
    looks like your drive to Charlotte was worth it.

  4. Shawn says:

    The color scheme on those two guys on the left reminds me a bit of the Bionic Six. They had some pretty weird figures in their lineup if I remember correctly.

  5. @ Shawn – That’s what I thought at first. I have most of the Bionic Six figures. I think these figures are Unifighters by Galoob.

  6. Puppatoons says:

    *dies laughing* where in your blog stats do you find this stuff? I want to find it in mine! I see the “top” searches, but not all of them.

    I like the little baldy-skulled Skeletor knockoff; he’s all the more creepy with his fully-fleshed body!

  7. JoE says:

    the guys to the left of the ice-hand mummy look like Guile and Vega from Street Fighter II.

  8. JoE says:

    J, have you ever gotten into anything like this?

  9. Ben says:

    HOLY CRAP UNIFIGHTERS!!! I remember these being DEEPLY discounted at Toy Liquidators back in the day. The best parts are the vehicles that are formed when you combine the sets. I know I have the three that make up the fighter jet. Those two yellow ones, I think, came with the set that formed the helicopter (three sets total). Thanks for bringing back more great memories!

  10. Tommy says:

    I love weird Google searches.

    Squeeze a dinosaur and it vomits on you? Nice!

  11. Poe Ghostal says:

    I loved those Imperial Universal Monsters!

  12. steph says:

    Hi there, I have stumbled upon your blog while trying to find some info on the awesome Imperial Stegasaurus I bought at the Goodwill today for $.99. I can’t seem to find any info out there other than random people selling their junk on Ebay and was wondering if you had any sites or info on vintage Imperial Dinosaurs. This one is awesome since it’s purple and I would love to learn more. Thanks!

  13. Sorry Steph. I don’t know of any good sites featuring the Imperial Dinosaurs. I’ll keep an eye out for some, and I’ll let you know if I find any.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Mr. Wigglesworth says:

    Ass lisp? Here how it would play out at the doctors… “Uh sir, your rectum seems to have a speech impediment.” ” What?” ” Your ass has a lisp.” ” Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?” ” I’m afraid not sir. Also your colon has OCD.”

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