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A Mickey by any other name...

A Mickey by any other name…

So, a Disney toy is making an appearance on the Weirdo Toys blog.

weird antique mickey mouse toy

Well, not exactly.

I recently discovered this primitive “Micky Mouse” in an article over at Boing-Boing, that discusses the controversial origins of that punk “Mickey Mouse” and his toys.

Allegedly, Performo-Toy Company were selling Micky Mouse toys before the Disney character ever existed. There are even implications that Walt himself stole the character and name, but once Disney became the powerhouse with the animated Mickey, they annihilated any possibility for Performo to hold claim to its being the original (Plus, Disney’s Mickey has an “e”… so c’mon. That’s totally different.). Performo were even given a court order to destroy all original Micky inventory and collateral that made any references to him.

Don’t worry Weirdo Micky. You have a home here.

As practiced by most bloggers, I have not checked any facts. Pretty lazy, eh? Hey, this site is for entertainment only

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You certainly have some weird toys so far. And some excellant
    background on each. You obviously
    love toys, and have a unique way
    of describing each one of them.
    Thanks for all your effort. I’ll
    check back again in a few.

  2. Justin says:

    Glad some folks out there appreciate the effort. I’ll keep on doing it as long as I have bizarre toys to feature 😉

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. So you don’t own one of these? I thought perhaps you were only doing toys that you have/looking for. Are you branching out now?

  4. Justin says:


    The blog is about weirdo toys, whether i own them or not… so feel free to share 😉

  5. Rumney says:

    I love the “punk” reference to Mickey mouse…lol. I’m from Weirdo Micky’s hometown of Middletown PA. I actually own some Weirdo Mickys 🙂

  6. Justin says:

    You own some Mickys? Interesting. Would you like to share any photos of him? I can post them here.
    I’d love to get some better shots than this junky one I found online.

  7. Hmmm. That photo up on top looks familiar.

    It’s ok, my family is used to copyright and patent infringement! LOL. (just kidding, couldn’t resist)

    I don’t mind you using that photo. I have a few more on a page I dedicated to Micky if you would like to use those, unless you think they are too “Junky” 😉

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