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The Internet as a Series of Children's Toys

The Internet as a Series of Children’s Toys

Kids nowadays are playing a lot online – using game sites, web apps, and all that jazz. What would happen if that “bizarre” world of “The internet” was brought to life as a kids’ toyline? Well, this music video of Neosignal’s “Planet Online” answers that question for us. The concepts and execution in this thing […]

Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit

Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit

Thanks to my buddy, Chris, I got word that FAO Schwarz wants you to make your own weirdo toys… straight from your children’s heads using the Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit. They’ve partnered with the North American Bear Co. to bring you some of the most primitively cool custom dolls you’ve ever seen. Here are a […]

Axe's Pitman Keychain

Axe’s Pitman Keychain

In 2004 Axe attempted to appeal to guys with an ad campaign featuring a cartoony armpit character named Pitman. The ads were based on the idea that Pitman is a hit with the ladies because he is so dry. There’s nothing sexier than dry armpits, right ladies? You mean there is? A walking, headless armpit […]

Gross Out Gang - Class of '87

Gross Out Gang – Class of ’87

While searching for the newly discovered Gross Out Gang, I came across a seller on eBay offering up this 1987 Skilcraft toy ad. (Click to enlarge) Needless to say, I bought it merely for the photo of the whole gang. (Click to enlarge) Now that we know what the whole gang looks like, help me […]

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