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Power Rangers'

Power Rangers’ “Eyeguy”

So, what I have for you all today is another Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy. I know nearly nothing about the show itself, but from what I’ve seen, there are some quirky and bizarre Power Rangers villains out there (I hope they all have a toy likeness).

(Click to enlarge)
Power Rangers Monster Toy - Eyeguy by Bandai

Lucky for us, this guy was produced. According to a few Power Rangers sites I read very, very, very briefly, this is Eyeguy. He was produced by Bandai in 1994. (Thanks, Chris, for the donation. Without you, I might’ve never known the joy of Eyeguy).

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Power Rangers Monster Toy - Eyeguy by Bandai

Here are 5 good reasons why this guy needs to be up here:

1. He’s a monster made of eyeballs.

2. His main eyeball-head has a hinged eyelid, so he can really blink (Or at a second glance, it’s a monster’s head with a large eyeball in its mouth. Cool huh?).

Power Rangers Monster Toy - Eyeguy by Bandai

3. He has eyeball breasts that pop off his chest.

4. For those desperate, slightly perverted or into any other weird Japanese stuff (namely hentai), maybe this is an “erotic” creature covered in nippless breasts. Does that make it any more appealing? If that’s the case, the eyeballs on the chest are just launching breast implants with odd, veiny areolae (that’s plural for areola).

5. He’s a monster made of eyeballs.

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed.

Why are you still reading? You waiting for something? Ah. I know what you want. Some bad “eye” jokes or puns or something. Well, I’ll leave that to you. Share your best (worst).

I’ll start you off: “The Eyes Have it.” (Pretty bad eh? Let’s see you do better 😉 )

9 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    So, you’re giving us the evil eye? We’ll definitely have to keep our eyes peeled for the next blog entry. Ok, i’ll stop now…

  2. BubbaShelby says:

    “Ah. I know what you want. Some bad “eye” jokes or puns or something. Well, I’ll leave that to you. Share your best (worst).”

    Eye eye, Captain. I could come up with a veritable cornea-copia of eye related puns, but my friend Iris is coming over soon (she’s a real looker) and we’re going star-gazing, so don’t blink or you may not see my pun, as it’ll be over quick-as-a-wink!

  3. Justin says:

    @ Jason – I’m glad you have your eye on the prize.

    @ Bubba – Holy Crap!! You really took it up a notch. Those puns are nothing to blink at.

  4. Matty says:

    Eye have no idea how this guy would fight the Power Rangers… the only weapon he’s got that “eye can see” are harmless shooting eye boobs.

    that’s the best i’ve got Justin…BubbaShelby took em’ all 🙂

    here’s lookin’ at you kid!

  5. Mittens says:

    i’d punch him in the balls.

    if… uhm… i were like the green ranger… or something.

  6. Justin says:


    Don’t know if he even has balls… well eyeballs I guess.

  7. OX_Bigly says:

    I would seriously hate to see this guy get a case of pink eye…

  8. The King of Bootlegs says:

    The eyes with the string looks like two big old boobs. Bet he uses a lot of Clear Eyes to get the red out! WOW!

  9. Steven Wyatt says:

    Soo apparently I had this as a kid and found it again after my gma died. Now even I was a power rangers fan and I didn’t even know this was from that! But the eyeball popping breast confused me! Lol

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