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K.O. Kewpie

K.O. Kewpie

“Fwoat wike a buttafwy, sting wike a bee.”

Some very familiar words from this adorable, (yet scrappy) little boxing kewpie doll.

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Boxing Kewpie Doll

I don’t know much about the little guy. He’s just as small plastic squeeze toy I found at a toy show… buried in a plastic bin full of crappy McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

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Boxing Kewpie Doll

I like the attitude of this guy. He’s cute, but he looks a tad hesitant, but he’s determined and ready to fight. Adding to his aged charm are his faded green boxing gloves and orange pull-ups diapers. There’s also plenty of dirt and grime on the guy. Probably from some back-alley street fights he’s been in recently.

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Boxing Kewpie Doll

One thing that is weird, is the large, yellow puff of smoke he’s resting on. Could be a fart cloud… or just some weird organic mound of jaundiced flesh. Kind of strange. Seems like a more well-thought-out prop could’ve served him better. A small stool or something would’ve been more appropriate. That way, when he’s sent to the corner he can sit on his stool and yell, “CUT ME MICKEY!!”

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Boxing Kewpie Doll

I’ve tried to decipher the markings on the bottom of him, but they’ve been virtually removed by the toy’s production process. A sloppy seam of melted plastic is covering most of the letter forms. Oh well. Looks like it might read “© Taiwan,” but that makes no sense. Anyone else out there like to take a stab at it?

Little Mac punching Glass Joe

One last thing. This boxing kewpie kid kind of reminds me of the old Nintendo game, Mike Tyson’s Punchout. He’s a lot like the main character, Little Mac – he’s small, scrappy and has green gloves (okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I thought I’d share my train of thought).

Anyone have any clue to where this guy came from or if there are others like him? Maybe other sports kewpies or something? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Jerom says:

    Great site: I read it since few months (excellent post about Masters of Uni-worse 😀 ), but the images are no more visible … Is it normal?

  2. Justin says:

    Hey Jerom, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by the images being “no more visible.” The site and its images seems to be displaying fine when I look at it. Is anyone else experiencing any problems?

    Please let me know.

  3. Ryan says:

    I had that problem yesterday, but all seems well now…

  4. Anne says:

    I know I’m a bit late to comment, but I just found your site. Been going back through the archives. Anyway! I can’t see too well, but it seems obvious to me that Mr. Kewpie is sitting on a crate, perhaps engaged in some back alley boxing. If you look carefully at the back and front, there seems to be the stereotypical crate cross-bracing visible.

  5. Patricia Helm says:

    I have one of these and it is marked Kiddie Prom Made in Taiwan. It is a Kewpie Squeeeze toy

  6. Lynnette says:

    I have one of these! Mine is a bit cuter though. But it was given to me as a baby in 1969 and I still have it. I’ll have to dig it out of storage to see the bottom and markings. I also agree with another commenter that he’s sitting on a crate. Mine is too.

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