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Quakor vs. Mush Man

Quakor vs. Mush Man

I recently attended a toy show where I dug up what could be some of the most obscure 80s toys in existence. (Sounds pretty dramatic, huh? Well, maybe the most obscure toys I own.)

Seriously though. Look at these guys. It’s a freakin’ oatmeal monster and the Quaker Oats guy as a He-Man figure.

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Quakor and Mush Man

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I’m not a huge collector of the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) toyline, but I had the toys as a child. I am pretty familiar with the original MOTU toyline and all of its characters, variations, etc., but I have never seen or heard of this guy. Ever. There are tons of other blogs and toy sites that are dedicated strictly to the MOTU toyline, and according to them this figure doesn’t exist. It actually reminds me of the infamous “Wonderbread He-Man.”

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Alright. I’d like to buy that this figure doesn’t exist and that this is just someone’s really lame idea for a MOTU custom… thing is, I can’t. The paint job is just too good, the head too well-sculpted and then there’s this – along with the figure came this little sheet of paper.

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Quakor Bio

It’s a small bio thing explaining that this is Quakor and he helps He-man and the gang stay healthy. It reads:

Quakor: Heroic Purveyor of Health
Quakor with the help of his Instant Quaker Oatmeal assists He-Man and his Heroic Warriors in keeping their strength everyday to do battle with Skeletor and his Evil Warriors.

Quakor?! HA! That’s so bad, it’s good.

And man, that’s some lame, blatant marketing going on there. Heroic Purveyor of Health? Ha!

I also found this little order form. I’m guessing it was packed in the Instant Quaker Oatmeal boxes.

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Quakor Order Form

Apparently Quakor is a mail-away figure from the Quaker Oats company which was produced in partnership with Mattel. I’m all about exclusive or mail-away toys, but the fact that this thing even exists seems absurd. Sure, it’s just a simple repaint of the Prince Adam toy with a new head, but a super-buff Quaker character seems soooo poorly planned. Just a bad, bad idea.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As I showed you earlier, there’s this guy – the Oatmeal Monster. It’s actually another toy offer Quaker did for a character called Mush Man.

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Mush Man

He’s actually pretty cool looking. Seems to be the evil embodiment of mushy oatmeal.

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Mush Man

Thing is, why the hell would you promote your own oatmeal product as a monster? Ha!

I do admit, it makes for a cool looking toy which cashes in on the 80s “gross” phase.  It just seems a bit out-of character, that’s all.

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Monster Man

As soon as I laid eyes on Mush Man, I knew I recognized him. He seems to just be a simple re-deco of a figure called Muck Man from an obscure 80s toyline called “Monster Man” by Woolworth.

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Mush Man

The original Muck Man has a gray/purple color scheme while Mush man is just beige.

(Yep. That’s oatmeal alright. Beige.)

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Mush Man

I’m not sure if this guy was released before or after Quakor, but they kind of make a fun set. The Quaker man vs. the walking pile of oatmeal. Who’d a thunk it?

So there ya go. Did I over-dramatize the obscurity of these things? I guess I just got excited.

If any of you Masters of the Universe collectors out there can help me validate Quakor, that’d be great. Thanks!

19 Responses

  1. SDTB says:

    Now I’ve seen Everything LOL!

  2. monsterforge says:

    This is quite simply amazing! I think this is my favorite thing you’ve ever posted here!!!

  3. KaGAmi says:

    This is an april fools joke right?
    Or…someone was dedicated enough to make the fake mail in form
    That head looks a little CGI though. HRM…

  4. Brian says:

    This is great! Can I go out on a limb and ask if this is April Fool’s? Either way, I love it.

  5. Michael says:

    I actually had the lizard man from the monster man line. I had totally forgotten about those. I think they were knock offs of the Inhumanoids. I’m pretty sure I got him at Woolworths.

  6. Bonhomme says:

    Only wish they’re was a buff Uncle Ben and curvy Aunt Jemima to go along. Brillant “find” Gammo!

    Muck Monster are always cool, even more so when they along breakfest treats…

  7. Brad says:

    Quakor has got to win the top slot of “weirdest toy” on this blog. Have you thought about having a “weirdy awards” contest on the blog?

    Could be fun.

  8. Poe Ghostal says:

    OK, I need a Mush Man like right now.

    GREAT post!

  9. Ben says:

    It’s really cool that you finally found one of those. I’m so glad Quakor and Fearless Photog made it to the production stage so that many fans around the world can enjoy them.

  10. Clambo says:

    Mmmmm, makes me want a big heaping bowl of instant oats right now. I have the power!!!!!

  11. Oldman says:

    Great post. That time off really did you good. I look forward as do many
    for each new posting. Keep up the good work. Andrew would be proud
    if he could read yet.

  12. Tom Freak says:

    Man, I was sure these were customs! Amazing find!

  13. I recognize Mush Man and I think I remember the proposed play set for Quaker that had an adobe facade.

  14. drmindbender says:

    You got me dude, I actually believed it. Excellent job with the trade ads, that’s what sold it for me.

  15. Justin says:

    Hey, Sorry I didn’t get back to anyone on this. I was trying to stay low key while the April 1 gag was going on, but I forgot to get back to ya. I’m glad you enjoyed the “prank.” I enjoyed making it. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. MOTU 1: Look at these guys. It’s Quakor and a freakin’ oatmeal monster! #toys #supercool

  17. Keithslist says:

    I wish these were real

  18. Weird 80’s action figure "Quakor – Heroic Purveyor of Health" haha – #mastersoftheuniverse

  19. This is an absolutely flawlessly executed post. Well done, sir.

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