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Share the Jiggle

Share the Jiggle

You know what’s great about authoring a toy blog? Finding and connecting with fellow toy nuts like yourselves.

Know what makes it even better? When we toy nuts share with each other. I’m not even talking about sharing thoughts, photos, etc. That’s truly great, but I mean literally just giving each other toys. (Maybe I mean gifting vs. sharing?)

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Just recently I got this cool little jiggler monster in the mail from a mystery person. I racked my brain trying to figure out how the hell it ended up in my mailbox. Did I order this and forget? I had no clue what was going on. What made this random gift so strange, is the fact that I’d literally been eyeballing the same toy on eBay for a while but had been passing it over cuz it was just too pricey. Pretty coincidental, huh?

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Turns out it was sent by a member of a toy discussion board I frequent. (Thanks “lastactionhero.” You’re the best.)

I know you may not wanna hear about me and my surprise packages, but moments like this inspire me. (This isn’t even the first time this has happened. I’m just featuring this guy cuz he’s sitting here on my desk.) These acts of generosity remind me that simply taking a moment in your collecting and being on the lookout for the other guy, really helps spread the joy of collecting and reinforces the collecting community. I love this mentality and camaraderie when compared to the opposite approach of scalpers buying everything up and screwing us over in the secondary market.

After receiving this little bugger, I decided to give away toys to some random Twitter followers. It wasn’t much, but I was able to pass on some goofy toys to total strangers and quite possibly create some new toy friends. (I wish I could do more for you guys, but unfortunately, I don’t have sponsors or budgets to run this blog. I have to share from my own stash.)

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Okay. Enough with the mushy stuff. Back to the toy.

I don’t know what it is.

I just know it’s older than me and it jiggles.

He looks to be some kind of dinosaur-monkey-alien thing.

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He’s hollow, rubbery, and it’s marked “Gigantor.” (Ha! He’s only 3.5″ tall… and I’m pretty sure he’s unrelated to the Japanese Gigantor series). It was produced by Steven Manufacturing in 1975.

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I can’t find much info on him. I’ve only found a few more examples of bizarre creatures that this “Steven Mfg / Gigantor” line consists of.

They look to be combos of dinosaurs and other animals. I found ’em on the Plastcauria blog. They are just weird.

Any ideas?

9 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    I have no idea where they came from, but I am sure that my grandmother had the pterodactyl-looking thing at her house.

  2. BubbaShelby says:

    Some of these guys could be from the ‘Rubber Uglies’ toyline, a line of, well, rubber uglies based on Basil Wolverton’s ‘Ugly Stickers’ drawings for Topps cards and made by Steven Mfg. (of MUZA fame.) – see the comment I got here:

  3. Ben says:

    Just like MUZA, it would help immensely if he had a paper tag or something that indicated what the heck he was. Gigantor is REALLY throwing me off.

    I found a rubber jiggler monkey (a scary-looking mother lover) that I wish I could find, but even though I think they might be related, it sounds like this guy is kind of small. I know the monkey is a good 10 inches in height. Really, they’re probably not related at all, but it’s never wrong to bring a monkey into the conversation.

  4. Mistuh_T says:

    I wonder if they are gigantor because they are like giant versions of those little goofy finger puppet monster? in any case they look pretty dang sweet!

  5. Patrik M says:

    i have the little pterodactyl as well as a large rubber gorilla marked gigantor. been after this one for awhile, as well as the croc/centipede. no idea what the gigantor logo is for, but they’re on some of the coolest jigglers out there

  6. Thanks for the link!
    There is also a Gigantor Nessie monster:

  7. Mistuh_T , some of those little finger puppet monsters also have the Gigantor logo:

  8. Ryan says:

    Ooh, weird – I’ve had that same monster for years and years and years, only with a different colour scheme. Mostly red with a green tint, that sort of thing. Still says “Steven Manufacturing 1975” underneath, but there’s no “Gigantor” on my one. Strange indeed.

  9. Jorge says:

    HI!!! I have 2 Gigantor toys since 30 years and I don’t have any idea what they come from xD…. I live in México City and this toys are a birthday gift 😀

    They are my treasures since this age 😀
    Any ideas?

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