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Robot Fondles Boobs

Robot Fondles Boobs

I’m sure some of you have seen this article at Gizmodo.

Apparently, there’s been a sighting in Japan of one of those classic claw machines filled with a pile of squishy, novelty breasts. Pretty unique… and weird. Thought I’d share.

Boob machine

I guess they’re just perverted stress relievers (or sexual frustration enhancers). The only bad thing is, once you win one from the claw machine, you’ll have to spend another however-many-dollars to get a second one. What good are toy boobs if not in pairs?

Now that I think about it, I recently saw some of these for sale at a flea market I recently attended. I just kind of dismissed them. I probably should’ve given away free Boob-balls instead of free Madballs.

8 Responses

  1. More Weirdo Boobs? I think this is a sign–register that domain immediately!

  2. Also: my full name is the very first thing that comes up now when one Googles “Weirdo Boobs”. It’s cool, I really wasn’t planning on running for any public offices…

  3. Ha! Weirdo Boobs sounds fun, but i’m afraid to even search for any. WHo knows what kind of mess I can find.

    Also, I’m glad Google recognizes you as the Weirdo Boobs authority that you are 😉

  4. mistuh_t says:

    that’s like art! someone needs to put that machine in a museum right away!

  5. Mittens says:

    finally a crane game worth pumping money into!

  6. The Bootleg King says:


  7. Devil Dan says:

    That mashine would bankrupt me. I suck at crane games.

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