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Weirdo Google Searches pt. 2

Weirdo Google Searches pt. 2

Hey folks. I know a lot of you enjoyed the “weird things people searched in Google to stumble upon my site” article I did a few weeks back, so I’m back to share a few more funny searches.

Weirdo Searches

So, for the remainder of March, here’s what some people decided to browse for, and Google lead them to me – the Top 10 weird search terms from March 8-31, 2009:

10. “dirty naked guys”

9. “ass love big toys”

(sounds like that’s “ass” speaking in third person about what he loves.)

8. “battlestar galactica nude”

7 “‘pulling his pants down’ pics”

6. “liefeld is an okay guy”

(I bet this was Rob “Googling” himself)

5. “how to not look like a weirdo”

(If you have to Google-search this, it’s probably too late)

4. “sex with green monkeys”

3. “shitty toys”

(Ha! I love that I’m a result for this search, I’m proud to be a place for readers to find “shitty toys”)

2. “do terminator have penis?”

(*ROFL* This one kills me. Not only is this person curious about robot privates, but the bad grammar just takes it over the edge.)

1. “justin gammon naked”

(Now this one just creeps me out… yet I still find it somewhat flattering. I sure hope they didn’t find anything in Google Images.)

Something that I noticed that completely cracked me up, is some of you (or one of you) took the effort to search stuff in Google essentially leaving secret messages in my Google Analytics results. Very funny 😀

10. hey weirdo toys, i’m in your google analytics!
9. yo, weirdo toys, i in your google search!
8. i in your google, weirdo toys!
7. i google you long time, weirdo toys
6. justin gammon puts weirdo toys in his bum
5. weirdo toys: he wants man love!
4. justin gammon pooped in his pants
3. weirdo toys, i am your father!
2. justin gammon is the antichrist
1. justin gammon naked
(it’s on this list too just in case it was one of the joke searches… but it was searched before the previous article was published. )

With all this tampering of my search results, I may not be able to report these results anymore.

Thanks for reading. Sorry there were no toy pics.

5 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    “do terminator have penis?”


    Thanks for these posts. The google searches are just TOO FUNNY!

  2. yeah. “do terminator have penis” made me giggle outloud when i first read it. Maybe that should’ve been number 1.

  3. BubbaShelby says:

    *whistles and looks around nonchalantly

  4. Dodsey says:

    This post made me so happy. So, so happy.

  5. The King of Bootlegs says:

    I googled weirdotoys for the sheer randomness of doing it and saw Facebook for it. Just outta boredom I counted 73 pics of weird cool and bizarre misfits I’d sell plasma for!

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