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“Transforming Collections” featuring Shafter

Hey guys. I just wanted to show you something kind of cool I’ve been working on recently. As some of you may know, Philip J. Reed of BattleGrip.com has successfully received funding for a cool Kickstarter project. It’s a book called “Transforming Collections,” and it documents the world of third-party TransFormers toys.   I readily […]

Thunder Cats Villanos

Thunder Cats Villanos

I think this is it. (Click to enlarge) Quite possibly the most horrible, disgusting, poorly-produced toy I own. Seriously. Look at him. (Click to enlarge) He’s a hairy beast, trapped in his own cobbled-together body – screaming in agony, because he’s stuck in this constant state of crappiness. (Click to enlarge) Seriously. The guy looks […]

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