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Thunder Cats Villanos

Thunder Cats Villanos

I think this is it.

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Monkian Bootleg

Quite possibly the most horrible, disgusting, poorly-produced toy I own.


Look at him.

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Monkian Bootleg

He’s a hairy beast, trapped in his own cobbled-together body – screaming in agony, because he’s stuck in this constant state of crappiness.

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Monkian Bootleg

Seriously. The guy looks like a failed prototype of a prototype or a badly-built model kit or something.

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Monkian Bootleg

Another weird thing about this monstrosity is its potent chemical smell. Not only does it stink, but the smell actually rubs off onto your hands when handling this thing. Now that’s a first in my toy collection. Even Stinkor’s stench doesn’t rub off on you.

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Monkian Bootleg

And just look at this awesome toy construction. Now that’s quality.

His pieces don’t even fit together properly, and he looks like he was painted by a small child… with a poor motor skills… using a partially-crusted, dry brush from a bottle of white-out.

I know this is a bootleg possibly produced using child labor, but c’mon! Teach those kids to paint!

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Monkian Bootleg

Oh, wait! The figure came in a little plastic baggy with a header card and everything. It looks so legit now!

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Monkian Bootleg

And look at the huge assortment of accessories he came with… which he can’t even use.

Wanna know why? Because most of the stuff was re-purposed from smaller toylines’ accessories – Masters of Universe, Galactic Fighters, Galaxy Warriors, and maybe a hint of Thundercats.

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Monkian Bootleg

Well, at least he can hold the swords… but only in one of his hands. Wanna know why? Because the shoddy production processes left him with some much extra plastic flack all over his body, his hands are filled and closed off.

Kind of gross actually.

Well, there is one saving grace to this figure – that custom package header. Let’s take a closer look.

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Monkian Bootleg

Not bad. I mean it’s crappily printed and all, but it looks awesome. It’s actually an original piece of art – hand-drawn typography and semi-sloppy comic art style. A lot of artists and designers strive for this look. You’d normally expect to see re-purposed packaging art from the original toyline on these Mexican bootlegs. I really like the personality of this piece (I even made it into a desktop wallpaper for you.).

I wonder what the original toyline was. I’m guessing it’s Thundercats. My first clue was the title “Thunder Cast Villanos.” Ha! Plus I recognize some of the characters in the artwork. (From left to right) Looks like we have Monkian, Slithe (who looks freakin’ great!), Mumm-Ra… and ummm… some wolf guy (is that supposed to be Jackalman?) and… uh… is that Golem from Lord of the Rings? Looks like Vultureman on the bottom though.

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Monkian Bootleg

So, there you have it. The most disgusting Monkian bootleg you’ll ever see, and the crappiest bootleg toy I’ve ever owned (and the greatest wedding gift – thanks Jason!)


If you’re one of those folks who’s not even sure who Monkian is, or what the original toy looks like, here’s a pic for you.

Monkian Bootleg
Thundercats’ Monkian photo courtesy of

I actually had the original figure as a kid. I liked him well enough, but he was never really as cool as all the He-man figures I had him surrounded by.

Beast Man

He was a wannabe Beast-Man in my book.

Don’t believe me? Check out this boring, yet semi-fun video of Monkian “in da club.”

17 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Awesomely horrible toy! Glad you like it.

    I knew for the wedding gift, i couldn’t get you any ol’ weirdo toy. I had to get you the ugliest, gnarliest, crappiest, weirdo i could find.

    The homemade header card is what really makes it a fantastic find though.

    I hope you find the rest of the Thunder Cats Villanos.

  2. Monsterforge says:

    Now this is some kind of impressively bad bootleg. I thought my bootleg Sabertooth from the X-Men was bad… this is all kind of new levels of bad. It goes to “11” on the fugly scale. It’s the Death Star of horrible. It’s the Godzilla of godawful toys.

    I think I love it. Great post (as always!)

  3. krakit says:

    Oh man! the contrast between the original
    and the bootleg is hilarious!!

  4. Oldman says:

    Horray a new posting for 2010. Great gift Jason. I bet Nadine will
    always remember it also. Glad to see you guys appreciate each
    others hobby. This is truely a crappy toy.

  5. Oran Parker says:

    A really gross, weirdo toy PLUS a wallpaper? SCORE! This toy is crap (and I mean that in a good way).

  6. Brian says:

    The header art is fantastic.
    I’m sure you have nice a collection of crappy knock off images now.
    Should that be a gallery as well?

  7. Shawn says:

    The guy on the right of the package design looks like they just decided to draw one of those Magic Monster rubber finger puppets you wrote about (Oct 30th). Don’t recall any Thundercats villains ever looking like that.

  8. Hi! Love the site, thanks for taking to time to share these with us! You always find the neatest things! Cant wait to see what you post next

  9. Ben says:

    Okay, I’ve been studying that header art, and you have to at least give them a little credit for staying (somewhat) true to the actual Thundercats Villanos. I can easily pick out our main man Monkian, Slythe, Jackalman, Vultureman, Mumm-Ra…and…who’s that guy on the far right? It looks like a happy version of Gollum from LOTR.

    By the way, if your boss smelled chemicals on you and asked where the stench came from, I’m trying to figure out if “Oh, don’t worry, I was just playing with the worst bootleg toy ever made” would be grounds for firing.

  10. BubbaShelby says:

    That is one crappy toy. Ugh.

  11. Eric Dodds says:

    Woof. I’m almost speechless… breath-taking gross-ness.

  12. Alan Jones says:

    That is just brilliant. Glad someone else thinks the guy on the far right of the card looks like one of those rubber face things.

    But why is there a duck on it?

  13. Devil Dan says:

    That thing is all sorts of horrible. It’s like they sent someone to the nearest Toys’R’Us to take a look at the original, and he then described it to a blind man, who in turn related it to the blind child workers. You could use it to scare little children. And probably poison them too. I hope you wear a hazmat suit when you’re in the same room with it.

  14. Darrin says:

    I’ve seen some terrible knock-offs in my time, including some god awful Mexican Mumra’s and Lion-O’s.. but this hands down beats em’ all!!

  15. fritz says:

    the card art seems to be borrowed from the old Thundercats STAR/Marvel comics.

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