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Lil' Gremlin Creatures by Marty Toy

Lil’ Gremlin Creatures by Marty Toy

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Gremlin Creatures Package

You might recognize this guy. I introduced him on the blog last year as an “Outer Terrestrial Creature,” but as you can see here, he was also released as a “Li’l Bendable Gremlin Creature.”

Looks like he’s still “ugly but loveable.”

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Gremlin Creatures Package

So what’s with the alternate name?

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Outer Terrestrial Creatures Package

I’m guessing that with a crappy toy name like “Outer Terrestrial Creatures,” sales were going poorly, and they renamed it. Now it appears they are less “space alien” and are now of the “odd creature” variety. Plus, what kid knows what the hell “outer terrestrial” even means?

Another theory I have is the new name was inspired by the “Gremlins” movie. Yeah, I know that may be too obvious. The original “Outer Terrestrial Creatures” toys were released in 1983, and Gremlins came out in ’84. So, maybe they decided to update the name to relate to a cool, new, popular movie, put the toys on single cards and hope for the best.

It’s all just a random guess of course. You know I didn’t actually call Marty Toy and ask any of this (not even sure if they’re still around). I don’t care that much. 😀 Just wanted you to know about this variation.

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9 Responses

  1. BubbaShelby says:

    Go on and call Marty Toys – I called Steven Mfg!

    Where’s your devotion?!?! Your passion?!?!? Your insanity?!?!


  2. You’re probably right. Where’s my devotion to the Weirdo Toys cause? I’m not being a very good leader. I’ll look into it… eventually 😉

  3. the pizza says:

    how do you find these things? do you buy most on ebay? do you use certain keywords that are bound to turn up weird ass toys?

  4. I can’t reveal all my secrets, but I did find this one on eBay. I actually saw it listed in the “Weirdo Shop” section of this site and bought it myself 😀

  5. Mr.Sparkle says:

    Hoooly cow! I actually had a couple of these guys as a kid. Nice of you to include the original release date on there to confirm my suspicions.

    However, this does lead to an uncomfortable question: Did my parents not like me very much?

  6. Ha! I never really saw these things growing up. Maybe my parents hated me more :O

  7. If nothing else, the internet has shown me how many bad toys there actually are in the world…

  8. Cindy S. says:

    I have two 3pks, which is the whole collection, plus two single pks of the alternate colors. How do I find the value of these?? I saw a 6 pk that was selling for $70, back in 1995…had their value increased??

  9. I had some of the Outer Terrestrial Creatures. They also came out as The Uggh Family (not sure of the spelling).

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