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Battle Babies by Brad Rader

Battle Babies by Brad Rader

I don’t even know where to begin with what I’m going to show you today.

You know what? I take that back. Described in a single word – “fun.”

Wait. I have more words…

As soon as I saw these toys, all I felt was joy, giddy-ness, surprise, anticipation. I literally laughed. You know if toys make you excited with laughter, they have to be worth something.

Let’s check ’em out.

The beastly toys we have here are…

Double-Edged Dumplings & Cybear Vishnu
Cybear Vishnu Battle Baby

Unhumongous & Bullshot
Bullshot Battle Baby


Beano Bomber and Coptorilla
Coptorilla Battle Baby


The Clobbler & Shankoppotamus
Shankoppotamus Battle Baby


Afro Toddler & Count Tiger Gun
Count Tiger Gun Battle Baby


These guys are called Battle Babies! (Yep. You heard correctly – Battle-Freakin’-Babies.)

They are a bunch of well-armed animals piloted/ridden by BABIES! I have no clue how I’ve never seen these things before now, but I know I love ’em.

They are probably just some weird, obscure vintage toyline that was produced as a knockoff of the Barnyard Commandos. (How have I missed these before now?)

First up, is Cybear Vishnu.
This guy means business.

Cybear Vishnu Battle Baby Cybear Vishnu Battle Baby

Look at ‘im. He’s a freaky 8-legged monstrosity.  At his core, he’s a bear, but it looks like he’s been merged with some weird humanoid with big blue arms coming out of his butt cheeks along with some robotic prosthetics on his shoulders. There’s a head in bowl in his belly. Is he the conjoined twin brother? This is freaky.

Cybear Vishnu Battle Baby

He’s wearing metallic underwear, big ol’ glasses, a set of samurai twin babies – The Double-Edged Dumplings… and he breathes fire.

Scary indeed.

Cybear Vishnu Battle Baby

Next we have Bullshot.
He’s just a bull with a big honkin’ gun on his back.

Bullshot Battle Baby

He seems to be fitted with a fluffy collar and tailfins. (maybe this guy can get airborne.)

Bullshot Battle Baby

And he’s piloted by The Unhumongous – the most evil-looking baby I’ve ever seen.

Bullshot Battle Baby

The scary metal face mask most definitely is hiding a freakishly-scarred visage he’s had all his life… all 9 months of it. Ha.

Coptorilla Battle Baby Coptorilla Battle Baby

Next up? Coptorilla. Wow. A Gorilla helicopter!

Coptorilla Battle Baby

This ape is equipped with goggles, shoulder pads, missiles and a functioning propeller. He’s ready for action… and it looks like he may want to play catch later too. (Check out his right hand.)

Coptorilla Battle Baby

Beano Bomber, his baby pilot, looks pretty friendly. The makings of a good guy baby.

Shankoppotamus Battle Baby

Here we have Shankoppotamus – a killer hippo (well, more killer than usual I guess).

So hippos are inherently mean and dangerous to begin with, but this guy regurgitates a sword. Sheez! And for long range attacks, he’s equipped with a big laser cannon. I never imagined hippos being so high-tech.

Shankoppotamus Battle Baby

See that yellow blob on his head? I think that’s brain slug which is probably how the baby here keeps him under his control. and speaking of the baby…

Shankoppotamus Battle Baby

Damn! Look at that fist. He’d clobber the crap out of you. Guess that’s why he’s called The Clobbler. (Looks like Fisto’s love child.)

Count Tiger Gun Battle Baby

Last but not least is Count Tiger Gun. This guy means business. Not only is he wielding a blade, but he has a gun barrel jutting out of his mouth… and he’s a vampire apparently.

Count Tiger Gun Battle Baby

Wow. Imagine being chased by a tiger. Scary, right? Well what if that tiger was undead and shooting/slicing at you as he chased you? Ha!

He’s wearing this black leather cape w/ silver studs. Kinda gothic

Count Tiger Gun Battle Baby

His baby, Afro Toddler, is interesting. He looks like an Asian baby with a big-ass afro. I’m sure he’s hiding grenades in there or something.  He’s also toting around a big machine gun.

Man these babies really are ready for battle.

Unfortunately, I have a confession: These toys aren’t an actual toyline. They are customs made by a fellow weirdo toy lover.

This new legendary toyline all started with my newfound toy buddy, Brad Rader (who coincidentally is the husband of fellow geek blogger, Stacey “GeekyVixen” Rader).

Anyway, one day, Brad sent me a link to a collection of photos (below) spotlighting his “Battle Babies”



They are custom toys which are essentially kit bashes using random baby toys, animals toys and whole mess of various action figure accessories.

The thing that gets me is how perfectly suited each accessory is to the baby and to the beast.

So freakin’ great and well done.

You can buy Battle Babies at the GeekyVixen Etsy shop! If you end up with any in your collection, please share your impressions, pics, etc!

And remember… BABY POWER!!!

21 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    These are beautiful.

    Oh and I had some Barnyard Commandoes growing up. Those and Food Fighters were the weirdest toys I remember having.

  2. Mistuh_t says:

    We were just having a conversation about this on october toys forum in ebay oddities thread a while ago. One of the guys bought an awesome gorilla one with a baby front pack like from the hangover. the creator of these is true genious!

  3. SpaceMonkeyX says:

    I need…NEED a Coptorilla.

  4. Ben says:

    Sometimes, I go through life questioning mankind’s existence, get depressed about the world crumbling around me, losing any sense of hope that humanity can rebound. The world’s economy is crumbling, natural resources are being depleted, corruption and war still govern the world. Just recently, a large asteroid narrowly missed hitting Earth. Yet that story was buried beneath headlines of sex tape stars getting divorced as part of a sham marriage.

    BATTLE BABIES have renewed my faith in the world at large. I am a new man with a new outlook on life because of BATTLE BABIES. There is not a problem on Earth that can’t be solved by BATTLE BABIES.

  5. Brad Rader says:

    I am the creator! Yes! Yes! More praise! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!! Bwhahahaha! Sorry, I lost myself for a second there. Thanks so much for the kind words. They really make me happy too. It’s so much fun making them, aside from the bloody fingers and glue burns. I poured my madness completely into wave 2. Take one home today! I ship out fast as well. At first I wanted to keep them all, but I love the idea of them positioning themselves around the globe. It will make for a more devastating attack when the time comes…

  6. Kirk D. says:

    More praise you shall get, my eyes are in love with these things!
    Thank you Brad for making them (and Justin for posting them).

    When I was a kid I had a similarly sculpted baby. I made him wear a plastic cowboy hat and ride a huge plastic lizard. I laughed at him so hard and drew pictures of him. Why did I stop there?!!! I should have been the genius behind these!! Sorry bout that…they’re really neat.

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  8. krakit says:

    Woop! Woop! These are fun 😀
    Afro Toddler has the kind of attitude I want to see in a baby.
    Go, baby! Go!

  9. ThatKid says:

    just a question cuz im confused can i buy these? and if so what is teh price?

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  12. Emanuel says:

    Can you buy these toys?

  13. Emanuel says:

    Can you buy these toys?

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