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3rd Annual Weirdo Toy Giveaway

3rd Annual Weirdo Toy Giveaway

It’s that time again – Weirdo Toys’ Birthday! The site is 3 years old today. (What does that mean exactly? I dunno. I guess it means I still have enough money to keep the site alive. Ha!)

It’s usually this time of year that I like to look back and reflect on what’s happened with the site, but realistically, not much new has happened. Most of what’s been happening has been in my personal life.

Since last year I lost my job, got married, got my job back and in just over a month, I’m gonna have a new son. So, yeah… I’ve been distracted 😀

I’d like to take this time to just thank you guys for reading and sticking with me. Surprisingly, I’ve noticed my readership is actually growing even with my sparse blog posts. I can attribute that to my increased Twitter presence and to you great toy-loving, blog-sharing weirdos.

Alright, since I haven’t tried to break new ground all year, I figured I’d do it today. I’ve actually created one of those annoying video blogs (vlog) documenting my process from getting a toy from my shelf to your screen. (Oddly enough, I’ve had several requests for this sort of thing over the years, so what the heck. Might as well do it, huh?)

(I’m gonna warn you. If you like my “blog voice,” maybe you shouldn’t watch this. It’s the real me :O )


But wait! Let’s not forget why we came here. The free toy!


As you saw featured in the video, the toy given away this year is Seezall. This guy is one of my favorites from my favorite group of super-heroes, the Gross Out Gang. One lucky winner will get this Seezall figure.

Apple Devil T-shirt

And if that’s not enough, I’m also gonna throw in a Weirdo Toys Apple Devil t-shirt. That way you can go to the playground in your new tee, play with your toy and get beat up by the local bullies. Fun times!

All you have to do is leave a comment answering two simple questions:

1. How did you find the Weirdo Toys blog?
2. Why did you stay?

Just know, I’m not choosing a winner based on content. I’m gonna draw a name at random from the comments who qualify and announce the winners a week from now.

Thanks everyone. Best of luck, and thanks for reading!

83 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Holy Moly. 3 years, huh? Your collection of random toy crap is astounding. Really fun read, and a great toy documentation. Keep it up sucka.

  2. the pizza says:

    great video. I feel inspired. I want one of those photo boxes. Congrats on everything. I found your blog through someone else’s blog. I stayed because seeing the toys give me lots of ideas and inspiration. My blog has the same birthday as yours. I think I figured this out last year, too.

    • Yeah, I remember that. So, how old is the Pizza now? Also, thanks for the kind words on the video. That portable light studio is great. It definitely makes shooting the toys easier. I didn’t have one for a while.

  3. 1. I found your site through twitter. i also collect toys and really enjoy your weird and strange collection. I like it when I see something I have never seen before, which is hard to do now with the web but your site always suprises me!

    2. Oops, i guess I kinda answered this on #1. I like the random and strange variety you have. You always have something I haven’t seen before and I get a kick out of the oddball toys you show us.

    Christopher Tupa

  4. BubbaShelby says:

    1. How did you find the Weirdo Toys blog?
    One day I discovered it stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

    2. Why did you stay?
    I couldn’t find a stick to scrape it off with.

  5. Robert Clawson says:

    1. Youtube recommended I watch your murderous wobbly-faced goons video. I did, and have enjoyed your posts ever since.

    2. A childhood of Madballs and He-Man led to a love of odd toys, I think.

  6. Jess says:

    1. I think I found you through a random Google search.
    2. I stayed because I enjoy a well written (though sparsely updated) blog about something that interests me.

    I’d also like to say that I’m proud to share a birthday with Weirdo Toys. Keep up the good work Justin!!

  7. Courtney says:

    1. I found the blog via Facebook.
    2. I stayed because your toys are great!!

  8. KirkDemarais says:

    @WeirdoToys Great video! I paused it many times. Gotta get me one of those real lightboxes; mine is makeshift and it’s not always set up.

  9. Shawn Robare says:

    3 Years? Wow, cool! Honestly I can’t remember exactly how I came across your site at first, though I’m sure it was some blogroll link. As far as staying, how could I leave? Where else am I going to find awesome commentary on crazy Thundercats bootlegs? No where, that’s where.

  10. Bryan Verrone says:

    I found the site … because I started stalking you, when you left our last place of work I needed some files from you. You didn’t return my calls. I was scared. I thought you died…. I started trying to find anything on Justin Gammon – online. I google searched. I tweeted on Facebook and poked a four squares. Some weird stuff came up, but eventually I saw that you had this blog. I’ve been a fan ever since. I love toys, and you’re brother is pretty cool too.

  11. Ben says:

    Nice video.
    I found you through Google Reader as a recommend site based on what else I was reading at the time.
    I stayed because the content it unique and fun. The thoughtfulness behind something that doesn’t really matter makes for a polished weird product. Very entertaining and inspiring!

  12. SaturdayMorning says:

    @WeirdoToys Awesome video, Justin. I expect one a week from now on.

  13. Spike says:

    Congrats on three weird years, brother.

  14. ShenaniTims says:

    I found your blog randomly scanning through wordpress. Yours was one of the few blogs not dedicated to rambling on about politics or cooking. Ever since Matt stopped updating x-enterainment frequently, I’ve had to look elsewhere to get my strange toy fix, and that’s where you fit in. Thanks for all the hard work put in here!

  15. T16skyhopp says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: It’s what you’ve always wanted – a free Weirdo Toy –

  16. Mark says:

    1, Through Twitter.
    2, Because toys rule.

  17. GdL16 says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: It’s what you’ve always wanted – a free Weirdo Toy –

  18. tina says:

    back in college when he was just a wee weirdo….i stayed to see how our boy would grow up….even weirdoer! awesome! 😉

  19. ReelDistraction says:

    @WeirdoToys Just saw the topic of your vlog. I was one of the requesters. Can’t wait to check it out!

  20. I found your blog offline. I was talking to a friend about weird things and he mentioned this blog. I forget what my contribution was, but it really doesn’t matter because it wasn’t as good.

    I stayed because weirdness is cool. The quality makes up for the quantity. And let’s face it, with RSS feeds I don’t have to check everyday to see if there’s something new.

  21. philipjreed says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: It’s what you’ve always wanted – a free Weirdo Toy –

  22. Nathan says:

    1. I found this blog when I was researching the Inspector Gadget toy that I still have not found (he will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine)

    2. I stayed because toys rule!!!! as my blog,, attests

  23. 1. Someone I follow on Twitter – @mondonews, I think – retweeted one of your posts.

    2. We have very similar interests, and I’ve yet to find another toy site that (a) features as many unique figures, and (b) does it as well as you do.

    Keep up the good work, brother!

  24. sleestakk says:

    1. Found you & Weirdo Toys on Twitter a long time ago via some other cool kids!

    2. As a toy & vintage toy collector why wouldn’t I stick around? I’m not much of a commenter in general but sometimes it’s worth tossing a few words of appreciation. I love what you provide; you offer ideas & inspiration in addition to showcasing some excellent toys & finds. (love the vlog, btw!)

    Thank you and here’s to 3 more years x 10!

  25. Corey says:

    1- I found weirdo toys while I was doing a search on some strange toys I had when I was a kid.
    2- I stayed because the writing is very good and the content is amazing.

  26. Oran Parker says:

    I’ve got nowhere near the collection of toys you have, and the things I do have are definitely not as diverse. I did a search one day for “toys” and your site was in the top tier. The name caught my eye so I popped… HOOKED! What a treat. I loved pouring over the posts and seeing all the weird, wacky and gross goodness you were sharing. I added it to my reader, and not too long after that I saw you had a Twitter acct., so I gave a follow. This little blog inspired me to start collecting toys again (and oddly enough, to start drawing again too). The rest is history! Thanks for doing what you do. Keep it weird, bro. -OP

  27. nanoFatato says:

    1. I just found your site surfing the web for bootlegs of masters and others

    2. I stay on your site (I check it 5 times a week!) because I’m attracted to obscure and crazy toys, which I find regularly in this sweet place!

  28. Brian Adams says:

    I found your site a while ago while looking for like-minded collectors of cool things, and have stayed a fan ever since. I always appreciate people who can take seemingly mundane or low-brow items and elevate them to appear like something you’d find in a museum. You genuinely enjoy what you collect and share the enthusiasm with the rest of us. Keep it up!

  29. Jason says:

    I found Weirdo Toys on Google when I was searching for vintage(80s) toy blogs. I come back because, for the most part, the content is right up my alley. Also, like most blogs I find, dealing with the same subject matter, helps to inspire as well as having fun just checking out what other people collect and write about.

    Oh! Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  30. Nadine says:

    1. I found your site via dating you.
    2. Where am I going to go? I’m married to the site…I have no choice.

    Thanks for the entertainment of letting me hear you record yourself! Congrats on 3 years….that’s 3 years of toys that have been added to the house!

  31. icur1mi says:

    Hello! First of all congats on the new life! I’m actually in a similar spot and expecting a son in January! Can’t wait to get him hooked on toys and comics. (He will be attending Wizard World Philly ’11!) On to the questions at hand.

    1.I found your blog while doing some research on Mr. Sleaze, I loved the Police Academy figures as a kid though Numbskull was my personal favorite! I loved that you made Mr.Sleaze the prize! Very cool!

    2.I stayed because of the months and months of back reading I now have to do because of your posts! Excellent writing and content, you always have something great up there! Keep up the great work and have fun with that family of yours!


    • Wow! Congrats on the baby! Best of luck. I think I’m going to take the opposite route. I’m gonna teach my kids to hate toys and have nothing to do with them. Ha!!

      • icur1mi says:

        Thanks mang!

        By the way, next time you hit up Allentown or are in the PA/NJ area, stop by Columbus Mart in Columbus NJ! It’s basically a little slice of collectors heaven. Miles of rows of flea market vendors and they even have a cool toy shop inside the main building. That toy shop has soooo many weird toys. I have to stop back there and pick up a “Halloween Edition” Boglin.

  32. Oldman says:

    First off Happy 3rd Birthday. I found this website through my son.
    I don’t collect Weird Toys but I really am drawn in by your complete
    effort when you feature a new updated post. I can tell there is nothing
    half assed about it. Plus you take great efforts to research on each item
    completely. It doesn’t take long to see how much you love what your doing. Plus getting the feedbacks that come in is rewarding to you as well. Come October your son doesn’t realize it yet, but he will have access to more toys then any kids he will meet. Plus his Birthdays, Christmas’s and Halloweens will be a cut above what his little buddy’s
    will experience. Another great post from what is always my favorite site.

    • Wow. Thanks for the continued support Oldman. The site is always a lot of fun, and it’s really great when I can hear back from readers like you. Thanks! Now, I jsut have to figure out how to hide all of these toys from my son.

  33. MrSpellcheck says:


    I found the website through a random search. Possibly “dangerous toys”, “rube goldberg”, or some such.

    I stuck around because of the obscure variety you uncover. Excellent sifting of the culture!

  34. tom says:

    I was lured here by a link leading to your knockoff Superman/Spiderman/Batman figure photos, but the reason i stayed was that when I started poking around your site, I was floored by how many other crazy things you had posted around here. By the time I got to the “Primitive Zombie Species” entry i was sold for life. This was clearly a site built for me.

  35. Bryan Shaw says:

    1 – I’m pretty sure it was a link from thetotalrecal blogspot
    2 – I check it everyday ever since.
    I still need to know how i can score that creepy post-Apocalyptic trio
    its so weird i must have it

  36. kimberly says:

    Happy 3rd! I am sorry to say I don’t remember how I found it here – I know it was a random link from someone’s blog post, I poked around and liked what I saw, so I set myself up with your RSS feed.

  37. J.W.Rollins says:

    I think I saw you while searching over at Skullbrain. A friend also sent me your link very close to the same time.

    I stayed because I like toys and weird toys are the best.

  38. jcrazy says:

    I found Weirdo Toys from a friend when he showed me the “Mysterious, Post-Apocalyptic Toy Trio” Great website. I have enjoyed searching through the old posts. Gotta love the weirdness. And that’s pretty much the reason why I also stay. The more weirder the toy, THE BETTER!!

    • Yeah. Sometimes I feel like this quest for weirdness is like a fetish that grows out of control. You just have to push it and push it ’til it gets unhealthy. That’s when you start a blog I guess.

  39. israel d says:

    I googled weird toys blog, and i stayed because you have a light hearted feel and a friendly vibe. i also thought you had a decent amount of variety. your the man dude. btw im a New Zealand fan 🙂

  40. DefG says:

    I beleive I found your site through ( , but I stumbled across that while doing research on a toy I had (way back in the way way back).

    I’ve been an amature (immature?) toy collector (to everyones great dismay) for years (mostly finding and recieving cheap, weird & broken crap. I’m a hoarder… what can I say?). So, finding your site is like proof, to others, that I’m not the only one with a love for weird things. It’s validation, really. Plus it’s just fun to see stuff, that, for some reason, someone thought would be a good idea to make (Plastic fumes and lead based paint must drastically alter brain cells. That’s all I can figure).

    Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  41. Patrick M says:

    1. i found your blog when trying to look up Grossout Gang figures! i’ve been reading since your first post of the guys.
    2. i keep reading because you always uncover unknown info about lines like Creepy Bods and Outer Terrestrial Creatures, that i had only a vague knowledge of. plus it’s great to see collectors that actually share photos and info instead of hoarding it!

    • As you know, the Gross Out Gang has a special place in my heart. Also, I don’t understand the hoarding thing about toys. Hoarding photos and info kind of defeats the purpose of having a collection. In my opinion, a collection is made to share with people so they can enjoy what you’ve accumulated. Ha!

  42. Putthebottledown says:

    1. I found this site off of

    2. I stayed because I’m a toy collector and I like the way the site is written. I like that you use the toys people send to you and take AMAZING pictures of them.

    • Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t get a lot of toys from readers, but they’re always welcome. Most of the toys pictured on the blog are from my personal collection.

  43. Infrafan says:

    Led here by seeing a photo of a Toxic Avenger figure that brought up a great memory lost to me, and I stayed because who doesn’t like weird toys? Come on. Always fun to see new and unusual toys from here and other places.

  44. krakit says:

    Great video!

    I went back a year and found my answers to
    similar questions :

    1. How’d you discover the Weirdo Toys blog?
    I think I found the blog from clicking on a link to it on a Google
    results page while looking for a toy I wanted to collect.

    2. What are your favorite (or least favorite) parts of the blog and why?
    The photographs of the weird toys. They’re funny and
    they’re the biggest factor in helping me determine if I
    want to collect the toys I see in the blog.

    3. What would you like to see on the blog (like
    downloads, discussion boards, etc.)?
    I like the blog just the way it is now.

    So now to answer this year’s questions :

    1. How did you find the Weirdo Toys blog?
    see #1 above 😀

    2. Why did you stay?
    I enjoy reading your reviews of weird toys and
    checking out the photos. The reviews and photos
    tend to make me laugh and who doesn’t like a
    good laugh?

    Also seeing the weird toys is a fresh reminder
    that life is full of surprises. When I look at some
    of the toys I sit there in amazement that someone
    actually got past all the obstacles to make that toy
    a reality.

  45. Joe Wight says:

    #1 I found this website through a friend today actually. He directed me here because I like weird toys so much I sometimes make them for friends.
    #2 I stayed because I love wierd toys!
    Congratulations on the marriage and the baby!

  46. GdL16 says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: Tonight’s the last night to enter the Weirdo Toy giveaway. Only enter if you want Gross Out Gang’s “Seezall” http://bit. …

  47. Greg Rivera says:

    1. My friend Lamour Supreme turned me on to it
    2. I stay cause I get to see some great stuff I never knew existed. Also the great photos!

  48. Darrin says:

    Congrats on 3 years brother! I actually found you on Twitter. I’ve stuck around because I always feel like a kid when I come to your site. I’ve always loved toys and action figures, and can’t wait to see what weird stuff you feature!!

  49. It's me, Jeff! says:

    1- I think I found it while looking for info on some bootleg MOTU figures, but there honestly could have been 100 other paths that lead me here.

    2- I stay, in part, to see what you get from eBay that I forget to bid on haha. Also to see what I need to hunt down that I’ve never seen before. Toys with boogers = Toys for me.

  50. Stephen Williamson says:

    1. I found Weirdo Toys through a Google search for designer toys.

    2. I stayed because I, too am a lover and casual collector of bizarre toys (especially gross infantilizing kitsch circa 80s-early 90s) and am humbled by the lengths to which you go to research and analyze each figure.

    Keep up the good work!

  51. Chad says:

    Gammo! Justin! Dannyrand (Chad) here from Clam Boards – Congrats on 3 years.

    1. Clam’s board is where I heard about your awesome blog
    2. I keep checkin in to see all the awesome stuff you pick up. You’ve turned me onto a couple different lines and for that I say thanks!

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