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Creepy Bods by Roundhill Industries

Creepy Bods by Roundhill Industries

So, I’ve got a little something for you today I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen or heard of (well, that can be said about a lot of my posts, but this is different).

Today, I am proud to introduce you to Creepy Bods!

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Creepy Bods

Months ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on all four Creepy Bods figures. What makes Creepy Bods so special, you ask (oh wait, you didn’t ask that)? Well, for one, they’re unbelievably, ridiculously impossible to find and are greatly sought after, but more importantly, they are a refreshing innovation in the world of Madball knockoffs.

You see, back in the 80s when the world was introduced to Madballs, kids went nuts. These gross little balls were charming, unique and just fun to play with. Of course, as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, there were Madball wannabes – folks that tried to cash in on the success of Madballs. The ripoff Madballs (or “Sadballs” as I like to refer to them) were usually uninspired derivatives of existing Madball designs, and they were almost always poorly produced. In an attempt to stand out in the pack in a world of knockoffs, Roundhill Industries came along and created Creepy Bods. They are (to quote the package) “headless bodies to display your Madballs™, Weird Balls™, Foul Balls™ and any other Ball Heads!” (Not only were they appealing to the Madballs market, but they even included shout-outs to the ripoff balls. Nice.) You see, instead of falling in line with all the other copy cats, these guys created something pretty darn neat. Madballs now had gross, little bodies to use as display stands in your collection. You can mix and match the balls in your collection to suit the appropriate body style. Pretty cool idea, huh?

Creepy Bods Packaging
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Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Stitch - Creepy Bods
Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods Ooze - Creepy Bods

Other than the concept of bodies for your Madballs, the Creepy Bods were pretty unoriginal. As you can clearly see, the Creepy Bods packaging emulates the Madball package.

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Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Madballs Package

It’s the exact same size and similar color scheme. The over all execution is pretty poor though. They ripped off the logo and the yellow swooshy thing, they included mini drawings of the characters and even put a generic Madball on the package to emulate the hole and the ball’s placement in the Madballs package design.

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Madballs Logo
Creepy Bods Logo

I’m sure it was all intentional and probably a necessity. They wanted to have kids immediately make the connection that these bodies are for Madballs, but c’mon! At least make it look good!

I wanted to mention a couple of other things. On the bottom of the package, there’s a statement that reads “Manufactured exclusively for the Bauhinia Ltd. Hong Kong.” What does that mean exactly?

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Creepy Bods Package

And, the back of the package is pretty lame. Nothing says “knock-off” like a blank, brown card back (well, if you don’t count the UPC code).

Enough about the packaging. Let’s look at the characters.

Creepy Bods’ Bodies
(Click to enlarge)
Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Stitch - Creepy Bods
Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods Ooze - Creepy Bods

First, we have Mr. Mummy.

Mr. Mummy
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Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods

He’s a gory, little mummy with a severed foot. Good thing he has a cane. Is anyone else wondering why the hell he has two left feet? As you’d might expect, Dust Brain is a natural choice for this creepy body.

(Click to enlarge)
Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods Mr. Mummy - Creepy Bods

Next we have Stitch. He seems to be a blue-skinned guy w/ severed body parts all re-stitched together (ya know, like Frankenstein).

(Click to enlarge)
Stitch - Creepy Bods Stitch - Creepy Bods

It’s a bit hard to figure out what’s going on with his pose, but I’m guessing he’s in the act of sowing himself together. His severed, left pinky-toe kinda freaks me out. The AARGH Madball seemed to be a good choice for this Creepy Bod. He’s blue and covered in stitches just like Stitch.

(Click to enlarge)
Stitch - Creepy Bods Stitch - Creepy Bods Stitch - Creepy Bods

Also notice – it looks like a knock-off of AARGH is what was featured on the Creepy Bods packaging.

And here we have Dr. Guts.

Dr. Guts
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Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods

If he’s a doctor, it looks like he’s just performed surgery on himself. Either that or he’s been drawn and quartered? And shouldn’t he have used a scalpel for his surgery? Looks like he used a hunting knife. He’s just standing there, tearing open his torso, and all of his guts are pouring out. This is some pretty gory stuff for a kids toy, but I guess the Madballs were too. That’s why I chose Slobulus for the head on this one. Not only is his skin green, but his eyeball’s hanging out and everything.

(Click to enlarge)
Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods Dr. Guts - Creepy Bods

I’m intrigued by the inclusion of the wrist watch. Is that supposed to be a clue to his status as a doctor or something? Pretty funny.

Lastly, we have Ooze.

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Ooze - Creepy Bods Ooze - Creepy Bods

Ooze looks to be a violet, lizard creature covered in slime. Oozing out of the slime are a few eyeballs and random bones. Pretty goofy.

(Click to enlarge)
Ooze - Creepy Bods Ooze - Creepy Bods Ooze - Creepy Bods

In the actual toy though, the slime looks more like a green robe or cloak or something. Horn Head seemed to fit this figure nicely, what with the violet color scheme and claws and everything.

(Click to enlarge)
Creepy Bods

Well, there you have it. Those are the Creepy Bods. They’re not much to look at on their own, but once you’ve topped ’em off with a Madball, they really come to life. They really are a great addition to any Madball collection. I guess I could’ve photographed the bodies with various heads, but you can probably use your imagination. (They look like bobble heads don’t they?)

The only real complaint I have about the Creepy Bods is their sub-par production quality. The sculpting is sloppy and the paint applications leave much to be desired. I know they’re cheap knock-off toys, so it’s expected. But wouldn’t it be great if AmToy took this idea and ran with it? They could release well-made bodies for those Anniversary Madballs they’ve recently released.

(Click to enlarge)
Head-Popping Madballs

I wonder if Creepy Bods led to AmToy’s idea for Head-Popping Madballs? If so, I’m sure they’d never admit it 😉

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16 Responses

  1. Patrick M says:


  2. Oldman says:

    Another great post. I bet come October you’ll be shopping for toys
    in your vacation spot. I won’t get into more details now. But your
    blog is becoming better each post. Pretty soon you’ll be competing
    with the “Drudge Report”.

  3. Jason says:

    Wow. Never knew these existed. This makes displaying Madballs so much more fun. I only wish kids could find this kind of cartoony gore in today’s toy aisles.
    Maybe once they come out with a Madballs movie? :))

  4. Poe Ghostal says:

    Once again, I totally hate you.

  5. BubbaShelby says:

    Wow – what a brilliant idea! I can totally see these having been used as “tees” for some mad-ball like golf inspired sport!

  6. @ Patrick M – NEITHER. CAN. I.

    @ Oldman – Thanks for the support. And thanks for comparing the blog to the Drudge Report. Not sure if it’s that popular yet 😉

    @ Jason – Madballs movie would be bad, bad, bad. They did have an animated movie, right?

    @ Poe Ghostal – I’m glad I could your hatred manifest… but only if it’s for a good cause – toy jealousy 😉

    @ Bubba Shelby – Madballs golf? Cool idea. Even the clubs could be wacky. Something like a severed leg where you hit the ball with the side of its foot.

  7. Ben says:

    You know why I love this site? Because you’re willing to go out there and bring us something that we otherwise would have absolutely no idea exist. Collectors can sometimes be very selfish and want to keep things a secret, but it’s so cool that you’re getting these discoveries of yours out there in all their glory.

    Now here’s a big question: When you get these uber-rare, uber-insane items, you have several pictures of them loose. Do you open everything or do you get a packaged set and a loose set?

  8. Hey Ben. Thanks for the kind words.

    I love sharing these finds with you guys, because they don’t mean much sitting on a shelf or in a closet somewhere. I’d rather share what I’ve found, and it may even let you all know what to look for next time you’re looking for toys.

    Also, about the loose items… this may break some people’s hearts, but I open EVERYTHING. Every carded or packaged item you see on my blog has been opened as soon as I made sure the photos looked okay 😀

  9. The King of Bootlegs says:

    Those are awesome and creepy. I’d love to own the whole set.

  10. thanks for unearthing these creepy bods. Ooze looks like he came out of the swamps of New Jersey! lol. Nice post!

  11. Glad you liked the Creepy bods. If Ooze reminds you of NJ, I’ll definitely have to avoid NJ 😉

  12. Patrick M says:

    i FINALLY got my hands on some creepy bods as well! there were 3 creepy bods (all except dr. guts) and 8 Weird Ball figures all together in a lot mistakenly listed as Madballs on ebay. They are so amazing!

  13. Holy crap!! I can’t believe you found these in a mislabeled Madballs auction. What a great find! I’m really glad you got these.

  14. J/Metro says:


    I really don’t think there’s anything else to say. So I’ll just go ahead and say it again.


    Thanks for this post.

  15. Tommy says:

    Awesome!!! i have different kind of creepy bod it’s the 3rd one of this picture but only the head wich seems a bit bigger and it used to have a bottlecap on the bottom so you could fill it with slime and when you squeezed the head slime would ooze out of it’s mouth 🙂

  16. Turbotoast says:

    I have found several of these in a storage unit recently. what are they worth. The madbods i mean

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