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Tagamet Tommy

Tagamet Tommy

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tagamet bendy toy

So what’re we looking at here?

A bootleg Gumby?

Hm. This guy’s flesh-toned (caucasian flesh), he has a much bigger schnoz than Gumby and he’s wearing those cartoony white gloves.

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tagamet bendy toy

Nah. Probably not a Gumby knockoff.

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tagamet bendy toy

Actually, here’s a better look. I’m thinking he looks more like a whoopee cushion.

In all seriousness, this little guy is a mascot bendy toy from 1988.

A mascot for what you ask?



Tagamet by Smith Kline Lab.

It’s a drug that’s supposed to help stop ulcers, heartburn and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Pretty gross.

When I picture an ulcer-ridden stomach, I imagine something more like this.

Stomach Ulcer Face
I found the gross ulcered stomach pic at

Glad to see they could “cutesify” the acidic stomach concept a little bit.

Following in the proven-successful, marketing footsteps of Joe Camel, we now have the child-friendly Tagamet Tommy.

Tagamet Tommy
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tagamet bendy toy tagamet bendy toy

What better way to sell a genericly-named drug that helps you treat a symptom instead of a cause.

Let’s get kids hooked on antacids with the Tommy’s adorable smile.

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tagamet bendy toy

I forgot to mention, this bendy toy was originally firmly attached to a base which depicts a cartoon version of Tommy Tagamet (Notice that whoever designed this toy totally screwed up Tommy’s eyes and nose placement.). The figure was attached to the base only by an adhesive, so I was able to just pry him off. I think he’s a better toy because of it. Now he’s a free-standing stomach… helping the kids survive their oh-so-stressful lives. (I can picture it now – Tommy busting into the room like Kool-Aid Man. “Oh yeah!!”)

I’m don’t think Tagamet Tommy is hanging around much these days. He’s not on the Tagamet website or anything, but if you need more drug mascot love, there are actually some other characters with personality that might make for some decent weirdo toys.

Mucinex and Lamisil mascots

We have the loud-mouthed Mucinex Mucus guy or the Lamisil toe-fungus guy.

Nasonex and Zoloft mascots

What we definitely do not need is a pet-rock toy for Zoloft or anything related to the annoying-as-hell Nasonex bee.

I hate that bee. He’s a generic, poorly-animated stock art bee with a Spanish accent. I dunno. He just bugs me (no pun intended).

Buy Tagamet Tommy on eBay!

13 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    Thats awesome!

    I think that Nasonex bee was animated by the studio of the guy who created Bucky O’Hare.

  2. SpaceMonkeyX says:

    The annoying Spanish accent of the Nasonex bee is none other than Antonio Banderas.

  3. the pizza says:

    I like how you reveal the toy a bit at a time, first the head, then the stomach, and then the base. I think the depressed zoloft blob would be cool though. it would be one of those stress balls you’d get as swag at a pharmaceuticals convention.

  4. @ Tommy – I’ve noticed they’ve evolved the bees look and motions over time He used to be super clunky and ugly… well, more ugly than he is now.

    @SpaceMonkeyX – Is it seriously Antonio Banderas? Is he that strapped for cash, or is Nasonex that desperate to spend their money.

    @ The Pizza – Ha! Glad you like the reveal. I also had the thought of the Zoloft stress ball. could be cool – a sad, little stress ball.

  5. Poe Ghostal says:

    Holy shit! A new WeirdoToys post! That’s almost as awesome and rare as Tagamet Tommy himself!

    And yes, that Nasonex bee is indeed Mr. Banderas. He is–how you say?–selling out.

  6. BubbaShelby says:

    I think Neil Adams’ studio does that bee.

    Yay for a new Weirdo Toy post! Can’t wait for the next one in 2010 😉

  7. mistuh_t says:

    I would be super happy if they did like a super realistic mucus guy with vinyl body and actual cloth clothing that would be epic!. I think that is next on my custom list now……

    oh and stop complaining about bee banderas at least he looks better than those crappy glade commercials 😛

  8. Ben says:

    My mom gave my dad Tagament Tommy as a joke gift in 1988. We still have it to this day.

    Also, they DO make the loud mouthed Mucinex mucus guy AND HIS WIFE in plush/beanie form! Behold!

    I know they made the wife because I bought the pair for my sister as a Christmas gift last year.

    Uh…I’m realizing that I own far too many terrible advertising mascot toys…

  9. diggiharry says:

    You forgot to mention doc duedenum, who is famous for being a villain in the earthworm jim universe !

  10. Tom D says:

    I actually have a nice plush Mucinex booger guy. They’re kind of handsome, in a boogery kind of a way.

  11. Kim Sebring says:

    Looking for mucibex toys

  12. Chrissy says:

    I like bendy mucus man the plush one dont look right

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