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Weird things come to those who wait.

Weird things come to those who wait.

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Hey Weirdos and Weirdettes.

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been really, really slack lately when it comes to updating the Weirdo Toys blog. In fact, I should just give up on the York Toy Show toy revelations thing. I’ve just been really busy/distracted with stuff not really worth getting into on the blog (It’s not toy related unfortunately 😉 ).

Since you aren’t hearing much from me at the moment, I thought this would be a great time to hear from you and each other. I know it sounds weird (no pun intended), but I’ve created a Weirdo Toys Facebook page. There’s nothing much up there at the moment, but I’d love to see you become a fan and maybe, if you feel inclined, you can actually discuss various weirdo toys you’ve come across. Maybe even post pictures. (You can do that on Facebook fan pages right?)

I don’t know much about Facebook, but I do know I want this fan page to be a place we can all come together in share in weirdo toy love. Maybe I’ll even post some “behind-the-scenes kind of stuff or some weirdos that haven’t yet made it to the site.

Anyway, I’d love to see you all there, and it’d be really cool if you shared some toy stuff too, becasue I know you all have stuff you want to share. (I get emails 😉 )

Thanks for reading. I hope to have a new blog post for you soon.

(Oh!  And that toy was just a teaser image to whet your appetite. Don’t worry, he’ll show up on here one of these days.)


7 Responses

  1. Chris Pitzer says:

    Yay! I became the 33rd fan.. (It’s one of my fave numbers.)

  2. krakit says:

    I’ve resisted joining Facebook since it seems like
    the next MySpace that will get replaced by the
    next social-networking website that comes along
    with better bells and whistles.

    Are you planning on the Weirdo Toys Facebook
    to act like a forum for toy fans to interact on?
    Or is it supposed to be something else? If it’s
    supposed to be like a forum, maybe having an
    actual forum would work better – I don’t really
    know. I’m just throwing that out there.

    If anyone reading this can explain why Facebook
    is really worth joining, I’d like to hear what you
    have to say.

  3. Krakit, you are correct.

    There really is no reason to join Facebook. I know tons of folks that love it and live on it. I don’t use it very often.

    You are also correct in recognizing my attempts to start a discussion board. I figured this is a quick/easy test or startup version. I am not really sure if I even know how to start a discussion board or if anyone would even participate. There are plenty of boards out there are now ghost towns, and I figured I didn’t want to contribute to that.

    So… readers. If you really would prefer a full-on discussion board, I’ll make it happen (if it’s affordable).


  4. Plus…. does no one really care what is hiding behind my thumb in that photo?

  5. mistuh_t says:

    to Krakit: the reason most people prefer facebook to myspace is because it’s sleeker and doesn’t allow people to add two trillion images and sparkling gifs all over there page to make it take like 15 minutes to load. It’s also really easy to see what all your friends are up to as there is a feed that shows you up to the minute info of what your friends are feeling, what events they are going to, what pictures they uploaded, etc. basically a stalkers wet dream. Basically if you want to know what your friends are doing without actually talking or communicating with them your set.

    to Justin: I think the idea of a message board is fun, but since this is such a narrowed down topic, I really don’t think a whole message board would be the best avenue. A couple Ideas are: what you did make a fan page on facebook(a lot of people hate facebook though) Start a flickr group, which allows a small message board on the main group page, see if there is another message board that wouldn’t mind hosting a weirdo toys category and allowing you to moderate and whatnot. and are two that come to mind that do this already for some other artists. And yes I want a full review on the ugliest aka awesomest thing toy I’ve seen

  6. krakit says:

    I’m interested in seeing what’s behind your thumb.
    It appears to be The Thing’s body from Fantastic Four,
    but I doubt the face/head is going to resemble him.

    Yesterday a friend of mine found a robot body with
    a girl’s doll head attached at a Thrift store. We tugged
    on it and spun the head around and it appears to actually
    be something the manufacturer put together! Crazy!!
    I’m sharing this because I would love for there to
    be a forum where weirdo toy fans could get together
    and talk and post photos of all kinds of weird toys.

    At a forum I could post a photo of this toy and get
    feedback on the head and body to see if anyone
    knows if the toy is legit or a really solidly built
    homemade toy.

    I really like mistuh_t’s suggestion about a toy forum
    creating a place within itself dedicated strictly to the
    Weirdo Toys crowd.

  7. @ Mistuh_T and Krakit. – Thanks for the input. I agree a whole board might be too much. I was hoping to maybe just add some small discussion section to this site. It could be cool to have a home for “weirdo toy” discussion. I think I’d have to reformat things a bit.

    Also, I just posted the THING toy that you’ve so eagerly awaited. I hope the head was better than your imagination could’ve ever conceived.

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