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Free Madballs!!

Free Madballs!!

Madballs Sick Toys

You read that correctly. I’m giving away fourteen (14)  “Madballs: Sick” toys to you lucky Weirdo Toys readers. You don’t even have to pay shipping or anything.

To make it easier for myself (and some lucky readers), the first ones to comment on this blog entry, specifying which Madball they want, will get one sent to them. Of course, this will only work while the toy supply lasts. Only one ball per household. (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Madballs Sick Toy

If you’re not familiar, the “Madballs: Sick” series of Madballs, they are rubber, bulging, oozing, grosser versions of the traditional, sculpted, foam rubber versions.

So, here’s what you have to choose from:

Madballs Sick – Series 1

Slobulus: 3 Balls available none left

Bash Brain: 3 Balls available none left

Skull Face: 2 Balls available none left

Madballs Sick Series 2

Blech Beard: 3 Balls available none left

Freaky Fullback: 3 Balls available none left

There is one catch.

With your comment, you have to tell me how you first discovered the Weirdo Toys blog. I’m just curious. If you don’t do that (or haven’t read this far) you will be disqualified.

(Also, be sure to thank OldMan for his generosity. Without him, this giveaway wouldn’t be possible.)

Good luck all 😀

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39 Responses

  1. BubbaShelby says:

    May I have Skull Face please?


  2. BubbaShelby says:

    oops – I jumped the gun!

    Okay, I first discovered Weirdo Toys via an image search on Google – looking at miscelaneous toys I saw an image from this site and linked to it – and have been checking it out ever since!

    and thanks OldMan!

  3. Hello! I’d like to “enter” this contest! I’d like the Slobulus ball. Awesome! I discovered this awesome Weirdo Toys blog while looking for inspiration for art projects. I was looking up random old toys that i remembered & seeing if i could find good pictures & up popped this blog with lots of great ones. Thanks! It’s a fun read/look.

  4. krakit says:

    Woo HOO! What a great giveaway!

    I first discovered Weirdo Toys when I did a Google search
    for the Socket Poppers toys. I checked out your post,
    started to look around, and was hooked ever since.

    Thank you so much, OldMan, for making this giveaway possible!

    My choice from the bunch is Slobulus.

  5. oldman says:

    I bought some more (5) as a matter of fact. But they are not the Series
    I got you earlier. I bet your fan base is going to really give you some great new insight about your blog. Glad I could help out some finally.

  6. John Struan says:

    Skull Face, please. Thanks very much OldMan.

    I discovered your blog through a link to the Hulk ball post.

  7. Mike Garner says:

    I’d like a bash brain please! Thanks for the great giveway!

  8. Mike Garner says:

    Darnit…I hit enter too soon! I discovered the blog via a suggestion by Google Reader. I’d still love a Bash Brain please! Thanks!

  9. Jason says:

    YAY WEIRDO TOYS!!! If he’s still available I’ll take either Slobulus or Bash Brain. I’ll let you decide. I first discovered WeirdoToys when you told me you were thinking about doing it. I’ve been here since day one SUCKA!

    ps. thanks for doing this.
    pps. Thanks Old Man for all that you’re doing. Love ya!
    ppps. If I’m disqualified from this giveaway because of my relationship with Weirdo Toys, i’ll understand.

  10. the pizza says:

    I found weirdo toys linked from another blog, .. I love madballs! my choice would be blech beard!

  11. Reis O'Brien says:

    Yay! Free Madballs! I want one! I want one! I’ll take any Blech Beard or Bash Brain!

    Let’s see, how did I find Weirdo Toys? Hmmm… Crap! I can’t remember! I know I saw it in somebody’s blogroll, but I can’t remember who. Does that take me out of the contest?

  12. JoE says:

    I think I heard about the site from Lateford. Any blechbeards left.?.. If so, thanks to google reader and OldMan.

  13. Ha! Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm. And thanks OldMan for the generosity.

    Google Analytics shows me a bunch of stuff about my readership, but I just love hearing how each of you personally stumbled upon this site.

    @ Reis – No worries. You’re not disqualified. You’re getting a Blech Beard. I’d still really like to know whose Blogroll it was.

  14. Shawn says:

    Hello. I have to say you are the most generous blog I have ever encountered.
    I also discovered Weirdo Toys via Google Reader suggestion, and added a subscription. In my first comment (IIRC), I was the winner of your Hoove figure giveaway. Still on the shelf by my monitor at home alongside Ookla the Mok and a number of action figures. I’ll take a Bash Brain if no one else claims him, but I think it would be fair to give someone else the opportunity ahead of me, given I already have a pretty sweet memento from


  15. Hey Shawn. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you still have the Hoove figure. He is much cooler than a Madball, but I’m not gonna penalize you. Expect a Bash Brain in the mail. Consider this your lucky day.

  16. pl0xman123 says:

    I’d like a Freaky Fullback 😀

    I discovered this site through a picture at Yeah I know, not much of a big touchy story but I’m still very happy that I found this site! I love action figures and a blog about messed up and wtf-like toys is one of the most entertaining things here on the internet!

    I’m from northern Norway so if you send me one, how long time do you think it will take until I get it?

    Also, do you like Lego?

  17. pl0xman123 says:

    Forgot to add something: Thanks, OldMan!!!

  18. Alisha says:

    May I have a Blech Beard?

    I discovered the blog as a suggestion through Google Reader. And I’m glad i did!

  19. @ Alisha – Sorry. No more Blech Beards left. How’s a Bash Brain sound?

  20. Brandon says:

    I run a site called and on our forums someone posted a link to weirdotoys and I added it to my google reader and followed it ever since. Great site!

  21. Brandon says:

    whoops, I forgot to mention which one I want, but it looks like Freaky Fullback might be the only option.

  22. Hey Brandon. I’ll have to check out your site. Thanks for dropping by mine. And you are correct. You are now the proud owner of a Freaky Fullback 😀

  23. Brian says:

    Hey Justin! Can I have whatever is left?

    I’ve been a big fan of this site ever since I heard you were putting together a blog. It has been great watching this thing develop. Keep up the weirdness.

  24. Sure Brian, he’s all yours.

    Well, that’s it everybody. All the Madballs are gone. I will contact you soon and send them out as soon as I can.

    Thanks for reading, sharing and mooching.

  25. LEon says:

    I would just like to comment as it bring back some fond memories of my childhood. I had one of this toy but I didn’t know the name that that time. I do remember the squeezing brain out part. I called it monster ball. 😛

    To feed your curiosity, I came to your blog via 🙂

  26. BubbaShelby says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to get your balls in our hands.

  27. krakit says:

    Just for your info

    The person who goes by “mistuh_thye” and I have
    mentioned this blog on the October Toys forum.
    Hopefully that has brought some people over to
    check out all the crazy treasures over here.

  28. @ BubbaShelby – Wow. I’ve got some really passionate, weirdo fans 😉

    @ Krakit – Thanks for spreading the word. I love finding fellow weirdos who are into this kind of thing.

  29. Wells says:

    I was just checking out Chris’ page. Nice work!!!

  30. Brandon says:


    I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work on the site!

  31. mistuh_t says:

    Man I thought I had the first alert to new entries with facebook so I stopped going here every day. that’ll teach me i guess. that’s super cool that you did this though.

  32. @ Mistuh_T – Man, you’re totally right. I should’ve alerted the Facebook fans. I just lost track I guess. Maybe you should just subscribe to the RSS feed (see the bottom of the page). That way, your feed reader will tell you when I’ve updated.

  33. The Bootleg King says:

    I found this site through a link from Awesome site bty! I love the freak hell spawns China and Korea and abroad dump on us through cheap labor and lead paint poisionings!

  34. skateINsin says:

    Yeah, I know i’m too late for it, but this site is still an excellent way to venture back into parts of my brain’s childhood that I have forgotten. This is definitely one of my new favorite sites for the sheer strange-factor of these old as hell toys….

    ….oh, and I found this site through a video on you tube of the hulk madball that has a sack of some weird shit come out of his mouth when ya squeeze him. Once again, great site! Keep it going!

  35. I was looking for old toys from my childhood,and wondered whatever happened to the “MADBALLS”Toys of the 1980’s I used to collect along with those “GARBAGE PAIL CARDS. I stumble along and found your website and it was like reliving my childhood all over again!!!! from one man who hates to grow up!!!Thank you old man,thanks again!!!! any “MADBALLS” you have left it don’t matter which one I’m not picky!!!thanks!!!!

  36. abdul karim says:

    please can i have dust brain for free because these toys cost £8.00 and i only got £1.00 thank you the best

  37. Ellen says:

    I know I’m way too late for the giveaway but is there a way that I could buy one? My fiance and I were getting a bit nostalgic over 90s toys and we saw these and he was saying how he loved the ones he had when he was a kid, do you have any left that I could have? And just in case I am still in time for the giveaway, thanks old man XD

  38. kai says:

    I won’t blech beard

  39. kai says:

    I won’t blech beard

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