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Go-Go Gadget Toy!

Go-Go Gadget Toy!

It’s everyone’s favorite mechanical crime fighter (other than Robocop)! Here we have an old 12″ Inspector Gadget by Galoob dated 1983.

Go-Go Gadget Copter!
(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983 Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

For those who don’t remember Inspector Gadget, I’ll try to sum him up quickly. It was an 80s cartoon inspired by the old spy show, Get Smart. The show starred a clumsy, absent-minded, and oblivious detective, Inspector Gadget – a cop with various gadgets built into his anatomy. Gadget spent most of his time trying to stop his nemesis – the mysterious Dr. Claw, leader of the evil organization, MAD.

There’s a bit more to the show, but I’m not going to bother you with every little detail.

I just happened upon the Inspector Gadget “action doll” at a toy show months ago. I never even knew this toy existed, but as soon as I saw him, I knew I had to have him. I just love the playability of this toy and the absolutely appropriate and accurate accessories included with it. He has “8 magic features and 20 moving parts.”

(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Just look at all he has to offer:

  1. He looks perfect. Looks like he just stepped out of the cartoon
  2. 12 inches tall
  3. 20 points of articulation
  4. Firing Hand and Pop-out Hand
  5. Pop-Out Legs
  6. Fabric Trench Coat
  7. Helicopter Hat
  8. Huge Cartoony Mallet
  9. Working Handcuffs (to cuff the fake arm in Dr. Claws’ chair I guess)
  10. Hat Extension Arm
  11. Parachute Umbrella

Go-Go Gadget Legs!
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Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Go-Go Gadget Neck!
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Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Go-Go Gadget Hands!
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Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Go-Go Gadget ‘Brella!
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Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Go-Go Gadget… Cuffs?!
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Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Told you he was great. Only bad thing is, he has no one else to arrest. I guess he could always cuff Barbie. “Go-Go Gadget… nevermind.”

(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

If that isn’t enough for you, check this truly unforgettable intro. Careful though. The song may be a bit too catchy.


Over the months I’ve noticed that the Inspector Gadget doll I featured here isn’t the same one I’ve seen online and on eBay and everywhere else. At first glance they are pretty much the same, but in a few moments, you’ll see that things are definitely much different.

Slim-Box Gadget
(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

First, let’s start with the doll’s box. I’m not sure whether this package version appeared first or second, but as you can see, it’s a slimmer, condensed version of the box pictured in my original entry above. It does have an extending flap that makes it appear wider. Not quite sure why they included that, because it seems like that panel would block any other Gadget dolls or other merchandise from being seen on the store shelves.

Straight-Arm Gadget
(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Second, let’s look at his arms. This is something I’d noticed most whenever i found images of the Gadget doll online. The most common version is this straight-armed version. This lack of elbow, bicep and shoulder articulation really makes Gadget appear stiff and awkward. He can’t bend his elbows to comfortably hold his Gadget-Copter. To accommodate this new awkward hand position, Galoob altered the design of the Helicopter-Hat accessory. The handlebars are much more narrow, short and they protrude in front of him.

Gadget Accessories
(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

Third are his accessories. Both Gadget dolls come with the same accessories, but the pink items that come with with the “Straight-Arm Gadget” are much more vibrant and saturated. Also, as you can see here, his handcuffs are a dull gray plastic instead of the metallic-coated plastic of the original Gadget.

Gadget Arms & Legs
(Click to enlarge)
Inspector Gadget Action Doll by Galoob 1983

And last and probably least are his activation buttons. The “Straight-Arm Gadget” has blue buttons instead of yellow. It doesn’t really matter, but I though I’d point that out. I actually like the blue better, because they match the color of his Gadget-Neck.

If anyone has info on which of these versions is the original and has any explanation for these differences, please let me know. Hey. Maybe this “Straight-Arm Gadget” is the original. The other one could be the updated one… ya know… kinda like “swivel-arm battle grip” being introduced to the G.I.Joe toys.

[nms:inspector gadget figure,5]

66 Responses

  1. LucyUK says:

    A Happy Belated 4-Month Birthday! Wow, I only wish I hadn’t thrown away most of the toys and poop I had when I was a kid – I used to have quite a few Monsters In My Pocket, a Terminator play-set which let you ‘make’ the flesh of these exo-skeleton things you were supplied with, and a green shell-like TMNT suitcase…the good old days. Anyway, just checking in to say keep up the good work, and to wish you a Merry Xmas!

  2. Matty says:

    GO-GO-FREAKING AWESOME TOY! I miss those days where I would be eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and watch this show with my MC Hammer pants on… Oh the good ole days!

  3. Justin says:

    Wow Lucy! Thanks for the kind words. Merry X-mas to you too!

    I also feel your pain. All my childhood toys have made their way to a landfill too.
    I’ll have to keep any eye out for that Terminator mold set. It sounds really great.

  4. Joe says:

    I went through about 4 of these as they kept breaking and then they stopped making them, therefore i ended up with no inspector gadget 🙁

    Does anyone know if these can still be purchased anywhere??

  5. Tisa says:

    Need to know where I can find an Insector Gadget doll for my 24yr old son. He’s a Sgt. in the Army about to do a 2nd tour to mid-east. I thought this would be an awsome gift for him, he always wanted one, but we could never find it in the stores. This was his ultimate favorite show.


  6. Josh Latta says:

    Man, i had one of those. I wish i still had it.
    I remember as a kid liking it, but it was kinda useless, I mean, I grew up in a 3 3/4 figure world, who is gadget gonna interact with nonetheless fight?

  7. Brad Mcginty says:

    God I wanted one of these sooo bad when I was a kid. I still can’t imagine A cooler inspector gadget toy ever. I remember a Dr Claw from this series, He was smaller, but I think it was the only time you ever saw his face. Of course you had to buy the toy to see his face, But I remember that if you looked closely from the top of the box you could see his white hair on the sides of his head.

    Awesome post!

  8. Justin says:

    I never even knew about this toy as a kid.

    Brad, I do know those other smaller Gadget figures you’re referring to. They’re the same scale as Ninja Turtles toys I think. And yeah, Dr. Claw looked kind of strange. I’m pretty sure no kid ever pictured him the way he was depicted on that toy.

  9. Alec says:

    Do you know where I can buy one?

  10. Alec says:

    Can you get me one of these please?

  11. Justin says:

    Hey Alec, I’ll keep an eye out for some Gadget dolls. I may come across one, but I’m not making any promises 😉

    Good luck.

  12. Andy says:

    Ugh I had the original one you showed when i was 9 or 10…. He was great. I really wish i still had him (now 34)

    I also had the Mad-Mobile which turned into the Mad Jet and Mad Sub..

    It fired the torpedoes off the front where the mad emblem is..

    Man I wish I knew what happened to em.. (My mum claims never throwing them out..)

  13. Justin says:

    Wow Andy! Those MAD vehicles sound cool. I never really saw those growing up.

    I now how it is to have a mom that threw it all out. I guess there’s always eBay huh?

  14. chris watts says:

    Who would be interested in an original bent arm gadget with complete acc in a verygood condition box? I wasnt allowed to play with it as a kid when i found years later too old for it! Box different colour scheme perhaps because of purchase in australia M.M.A.O will have to be good or i will hang on to it untill the price is right!

  15. adrian says:

    i need to know if anyone sells this fantastic toy of inspector gadget, i need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    send me an email please
    yours faithfully
    adrian alonso

  16. Gemma Collier says:

    Hi PLEASE PLEASE tell me how I get one of these. My 4 year old son is desperate for one and I cannot find somewhere to buy one! Thanks you!

  17. kevin leisure says:

    I have one of these in the box. It is the straight arm one. Had it since I was a kid never really played with it. I only took it out of the box a few times. It has all the parts. Wondering what they go for. Thinking about selling it. Would appricate any help.

  18. Okay. Sounds like Gemma and Kevin need to get together and work out a deal.

    Also, if I DO end up making a discussion board on here, I definitely need to put a BUY/SELL section.

    Good luck 😀

  19. matthew says:

    I REALLY want this toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone know how to get my hands on it?

  20. matthew says:

    I need this toy I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sorry Matthew. I don’t have any of these lying around. I would just check eBay.

    If you go to the “Weirdo Shop” page on this site, you will see a bunch of toys listed on eBay. I’ve set “Inspector Gadget” as one of the toy searches, so this doll will show up there for your convenience when it’s available.

    Good luck, man.

    • elisha says:

      Hi I have one of these if you know anyone who would like to buy it they can make me an offer? He is missing his handcuffs but has umbrella helicopter, hammer and rest is intact and good working order.Thanks you.Elisha

  22. william says:

    I love this toy! My parents won’t let me have one if anyone finds one please E-mail me. I am a huge FAN

  23. william says:

    ANYONE? I NEED IT please E-mail tell me the website you found it on and the price I REALLY NEED THIS TOY!

    P.S it has to be the bendable arms one

  24. William says:


  25. William, your best bet is eBay 😉
    Any other readers out there have any extra Gadget toys?

    • Jono says:

      I realize this is a super old post but I still have the doll, slightly broken and some of the toys if anyone is still looking.

  26. william says:

    Thank you Justin you are the best

  27. william says:

    Hey justin I found it on ebay I’m glad I took your advice. I can not thank you enough. Hey they also have gadget toys on!

  28. William says:

    Ok nothing on Ebay does anyone have 1 I could keep remember bendable arms one I am an 8 yr old whos a fan of the show looking for the toy

  29. hannah says:

    I two of these both have been played with so it a used condition. There are two figures, 3 hands, 2 helicopter parts, 2 go go gadget arms, 2 parachutes, 2 hats and one hammer I also have two jackets sorry no boxes but let me know if anyone interested otherwise its a garage sale for thiese poor pair….

  30. William says:

    hannah i am interested but um is it the bending arms one when and were are you gonna sell and in case I don’t buy it where is the garage sale

  31. pl0xman123 says:

    I.. need this.. toy..
    *stares at the Inspector Gadget toy*
    THIS.. is the most awesome toy I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

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  33. William says:

    does anyone know where I can find one I seem to find one but when i want to buy it I have no luck i need a reasponse

  34. William says:

    Um Justin how can I tell which is the bend arms one cause on a website they have it but I don’t know if it is the bend arms one here is the desciption dull gray hand cuffs has belt well sorta.

  35. Hey William. One of the biggest clues to the straight arm gadget is the handlebars for the copter. The swivel-arm gadget will have the wide-handled copter while the straight arm gadget will have a narrow-handled copter. And as you mentioned, the dull, gray cuffs are also a sign. I hope this has helped.

  36. William says:

    Justin that info kinda helps in the picture the copter handles look mostly like bent arms

  37. william says:

    need to find one before forth of july i really need some help. or at least buy the bend arms give to me and a $35 reward will be given to whoever gets one for me

  38. Duncan says:

    Hey, although I live in England there’s a few days left on a loose version of the figure that I’m selling on ebay. It has a couple of marks and is missing a button, the main problem would be that the postal costs to the US might be a little steep…

    I picked it up as a kid in France (as they got all the cool Gadget stuff we never saw) and is marked as made in 1983. He has the bendy arms, so hopefully that answers the question of which Gadget model came first. Cheers.

  39. William says:

    Thank you Duncan I have been looking for that toy for years! whenever i don’t get it I GET SUPER MAD AT THE SELLER, THE WINNING BIDDER, and most of all the seller. but that hopefuly won’t happen. P.S How Much is shiping for the us I need the cheapest and carfulest shipping

    Regards William

  40. Janet- in Long Beach, CA says:

    When I was a kid, one of my parent’s friends got my older brother an Inspector Gadget knife! It was such a simple idea but one of the coolest toys EVER! It was kid- sized, & the plastic blade was spring loaded to slide into the handle when you stabbed something with it, making it look like it was really going in! I couldn’t have been older than 4 years old & I remember my brother pretend- stabbing his buddy in our front yard like it was 4 days ago… 🙂 Wow! Thanks for reminding me of some of the funnest, most care- free days I’ve ever known!
    Oh! & Do you remember Penny, Inspector Gadget’s neice that always secretly saved his butt somehow!? 😛 What was her dog’s name…?

  41. william says:

    her dogs name is Brain

  42. william says:

    Does anyone have a gadget doll I can have willing to pay reasonble price.
    Must be bendy arms. Did you know inspector gadget’s voicer “Don Adams” also did get smart?

  43. matthew says:

    i always liked the copter, the neck, the arms and the legs. i watch the old show on a site called and i’m only 13 and i watch this awesome show. gadget is the best!!!!

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  45. Josh.A says:

    Great info mate.

    Indeed there is at least 3 different Galoob boxes. The wide box (made in Macau 1983)and the two different versions of the flap box (Both, Made in Honk Kong 1983). The only thing different between the two flap boxes really, is the pictures…it shows the straight arm version or the bendy elbows version. When searching eBay that is how you tell which one is which when they are sealed.
    I would say the straight arm version is the first one made, as every other Gadget has bendy elbows. Although there is a possibility the full French version (read below) may have had straight arms also, but that is just speculation on my behalf, at the moment.

    There is also I believe 3 different…what I will call the Brick-wall boxes.
    A Bandai, bilingual, French/English box (Made in Macau 1983).
    A Bandai, full French box(?I would say Macau though. Possible straight arm version of Gadget)
    And a Hasbro English box(1989 Made in China).
    All were almost made seperately in different countries over a 6 year period, roughly.

    There was also two cars made by Bandai. In a word, AWESOME.
    Both command a hefty price tag in the collectors market, due to rarity. The last two sold for over 400 euro each on eBay. I have some pics saved of the cars if you would like them for your site + have the 5 other different Boxes and Dolls if you would like some reference pics of them also.
    If anyone has leads on either Car, I would be most interested. Or any leads on the full French version box, would be great also.
    Again awesome site mate…definately one of my favourites on the Net 🙂


    • simon barnes says:

      Hi, I’m replying to your post re Inspector gadget. I have a large in box Australian version made for Milton Bradley. how can I find out more about it? Ive not seen another for years. How valuable or rare are they? Mine is mint, not faded and all complete. Has Hasbro on the front of the box. Also you mention a car? Ive never seen one. thanks, simon

  46. dewey westberry says:

    Inspector Gadget 12″ Figure by Galoob (MIB)Slit Window
    in the box never opened

    $300.00 us dollars contact me at or 706 702 0020 ask for Dewey

  47. igd734blue says:

    i have 1983 inspector gadget action figure 8 features 20 moving pats. if interested email an offer to igd734blue@yahoo .com SERIOUS OFFERS PLEASE!!!!!!!

  48. one of the COOLEST TOYS i ever owned [and lost 🙁 ] ®

  49. this was like, the coolest toy ever. i had one.

  50. @hellodudebox This was one of my favourites (wish I still had it)

  51. […] had the Inspector Gadget toy with extendable limbs, and a helicopter you could place in his hat. I used to run around the neighborhood with other […]

  52. matthk says:

    I have one – the original with jointed arms and the yellow action buttons. Lost most of the accessories over the years, but he’s still cool. Happy to sell for the right offer. (Am in Australia). matthk (at) gmail etc.

  53. Emilia says:

    I have one of these toys still in box. He has a crack on his neck but still locks into position and extends with the button. He has jointed arms. I have all accessories. Happy to sell for the right offer.

  54. Eric says:

    Wow. I never knew there were 2 different versions. As a kid, i had the one with the bendable arms. About 14 years ago, i bought one on ebay MIB for $90 and thought it was just like the one i had as a kid. It wasnt until I read this that i now realize that i have the straight arm version. Totally bummed! Mine is in great shape though. I dont think it’s ever been out of the box and the box is in pretty good shape. Better than what i am currently seeing on ebay….Dang. I need a bendable arm version! Thanks for posting about it!

  55. Eric says:

    the stinky thing about mine is that the photos on the box are of the articulated armed version!

  56. Alan says:

    I have one of these toys (just discovered it in the cupboard after a long, long time.
    Gadget is in great and full working order and complete (except for the handcuffs).
    What would this be worth now?

  57. elisha says:

    Hello everybody I have a bendy armed inspector gadget with the helicopter, hammer and umbrella he’s in good working condition. If interested I’m open to offers, by email, thanks you. Elisha

    • LYNN BURKE says:


  58. Ali amir says:

    How much is he

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