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Gross Out Gang - Roll Call!!

Gross Out Gang – Roll Call!!

Great news!! (for me anyway)

I’ve managed to get my hands on some carded Gross Out Gang (GOG) figures!

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Seezall Wired Wilma

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Blow Hard Fat-so

You remember the GOG don’t you? (I’ve only written about them a hundred times.) I wrote about them when I discovered their toyline, their vintage toy ad and when I actually found the whole gang. Hell, I even started this blog with one of the figures.

So, I guess the gang holds a little piece of my heart.

Anyway, there are 3 main reasons why it is good to get these packaged figures:

1. Closure. I’ve finally learned the names of the three previously unidentified GOG members. If you recall from one of my previous entries, I was missing the names of the “Lips Kid,” “Nose Kid” and “Pie Kid.” Well I’d like to officially introduce you to Blow Hard, Nose Ark and Fat-so.

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Blow Hard - Gross Out Gang by Skilcraft Nose Ark - Gross Out Gang by Skilcraft Fat-so - Gross Out Gang by Skilcraft

Pretty bad eh? Punny and non-PC. Awesome. No way they’d make a toy of a fat kid nowadays and call him “Fat-so”. I sure do miss the 80s.

2. Surprises. I finally have access to the cards from the figures’ packaging. I didn’t know what to expect. As a service to you, the reader, and anyone else in the history of the world who has lost nights of sleep contemplating what was on the back of the Gross Out Gang card, I will share with you.

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Gross Out Gang - Back of Card

First we get a goofy Gross Out Gang Membership Card, and it’s been signed by Egg Brain himself. The President of the GOG!

Gross Out Gang - Membership Card

Second, we’re introduced to the bully character, Airhead. Too bad they didn’t make a figure of him to be the villain in the toyline.

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Gross Out Gang - Airhead

Third, we get a horrible, but still charming origin story. Looks like the GOG were a bunch of social rejects that were constantly picked on by “Airheads” (or jocks). Luckily, Egg Brain had a device that accentuated the very traits that made them rejects in the first place, giving them “Exagapowers,” so now they are gross freaks and proud of it.

I’m warning you – don’t read it.

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Gross Out Gang - Comic

Fourth, we get a GOG lineup with short bios for each character briefly explaining their gross “powers.”.

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Gross Out Gang - Bios

3. Obsession. I get my hands on “virgin” Gross Out Gang toys. Untouched by anyone for over 20 years. Freshly unsealed GOG figures smell nice, fresh and plasticy. Since I can’t really demonstrate their fresh scent, I’ll just give you a rundown of this poorly planned toy package artwork.

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Gross Out Gang - Front of Card

As you can see, the only way to get an unhindered view of the Gross Out Gang background and story is to open the package. Which is great, because I wanted to do that anyway.

What the hell. The front of this package may be one of the most poorly-planned toy package designs ever. First, the logo/name of the toyline is blocked by the figures, but to top it off, there’s a huge freakin’ paragraph telling the story of the GOG… on the front of the card. How challenging are they trying to make this for the costumer? As you’re perusing the toy aisle, they hope you read the 124-word paragraph that is actually overlapped by the figure and the card bubble? It seems like the package was designed by some guy at Skilcraft before he knew the size of the toys. Oh well.

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Gross Out Gang

Read Their Amazing Story!

They’re gross… they’re nauseating… they’re totally disgusting! They’re the Gross Out Gang and they’ve banded together to fight for justice in the name of the underdog. They couldn’t care less if anyone makes fun of them. They laugh in the face of indignity… they sneer at insults… they stand up to abuse. Nobody’s perfect, but the Gross Out Gang carries it to extremes. Why not join in their fun… collect the entire series and laugh along with them. To be a member of this elite gang of super heroes, you’ve got to look yourself squarely in the eye without a mirror, and say “Im a decent, respectable human being in spite of my imperfections.” Maybe there’s a little Gross Out Gang in all of us.

That’s pretty touching actually. The toys are goofy and gross, but I like the message to kids that you can be proud of your differences. I’m thinking a modern toyline wouldn’t even approach the subject of human frailty, insecurity, and the sometimes awkward individuality. Stand up for yourself and disregard any kind of insults you may get from other punk kids. We were all underdogs growing up. I know you all were. You’re reading a toy blog for Christ’s sake. 😀

Gross Out Gang - Comic

Oh, and here’s some more fine print for those who care: “Skilcraft – a division of Monogram Models, Inc., Morton Grove, IL 60053. © 1987 Monogram Models, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Made in Hong Kong.”

I only got four “fresh” GOG figures, and their cards are all beat up. I don’t mind. But I’m still on the lookout for the Nose Ark figure with his nose crutch. I want that crutch 🙂

So, now I have some GOG duplicates. Maybe I’ll sell them or use them for future toy trades or something. Anyone out there interested?

9 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    absolutely amazing! what an excellent find! just start flashing that “grossout gang official membership” card and see what elite privileges are now available for you!

  2. Doddsey says:

    I love the GOG – the celebration of under-dog-ness is amazing. Confidence in uniqueness. And gross toys. Win win win.

  3. Ben says:

    It really, truly pays to hunt for the obscure stuff. Finding that “holy grail” of a collection is so much more satisfying when it happens. You are truly the Egg Brain of Gross Out Gang knowledge! Congrats!

  4. Justin says:

    I am interested in these figures! I have been looking for these things for YEARS, I had forgot the name, and only remembered the guy with the huge nose. I had him as a kid, and his crutch. Have no idea where he is now. I thought they were handicapped or deformed characters, but now it’s all clear. I would love to buy these but can’t find them ANYWHERE online or off. E-mail me if you are still selling your extras.

  5. Ron says:

    I happen to have all 6 figures still in the original package! If you are still interested, you can email me. Hope to hear from you soon

  6. Alcides Torres says:

    I am looking to buy the gross out gang figures. Loose in good shape or Moc. Please help me out someone.

  7. ezartz says:

    Just discovered these and am looking for any and all complete figures loose or carded Just picked uo a packaged Egg Brain on the etsy site and looking for more. Thanks for a great informative site even though I am a few years behind.

  8. Mike says:

    If any one is still interested in some Gross Out Gang figures, I have a few to sell.
    Thank you!

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