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Now Open: Weirdo Shop

Scrooge McDuck

Hey Weirdo Toys readers.

Just a quick note. I’ve added a “Weirdo Shop” page to the site.

Now I need to be totally honest with you.  This is simply a page that calls specified eBay auctions to the page. I’m not selling them personally. I’m actually doing this to potentially make a few extra dollars to maintain this site… cuz it’s getting costly 😀

I’m seriously not trying to pressure anyone into buying a thing. I’m just letting you know, I’m experimenting. I’m going to attempt to list some stuff  you all have been interested in. If I can save you the work of having to find it, good for me.

Anyway, have a good weekend, and I hope to have some more weirdo stuff for you next week. If you have any ideas of stuff you’d like to see in the shop, be sure to leave a comment or something. Thanks.

5 Responses

  1. Mittens says:

    great idea, i’ll take czech it out.

  2. mistuh_thye says:

    that statue is creepy. It looks like scrooge mcduck just killed his 3 nephews, locked their hacked up remains in a box, and now their tortured souls are getting ready to exact their revenge.

  3. Justin says:

    @ Mittens – Thanks! Good luck.

    @ Mistuh_Thye – Ha! So true. They look like little ghost children. Fantastic.

  4. Mittens says:

    oh man, totally scored an eyeguy at the thrift store today. everyone else be jealous.

  5. Justin says:

    @ Mittens – Sweet. The figure’s pretty cool huh?

    The fact that you just wrote this makes me think I need some kind of section on the site for readers to share their finds. That may come in Weirdo Toys 2.0. I can barely give enough time to the site as it is 🙁

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