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He sells sea shells by the sea shore.

He sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Here’s one of those random flea market toys I found weeks ago. Another lone, quirky action figure.

I wasn’t quite sure what this guy was, but I knew I liked his style. Looks like he should be an evil, menacing villain, but c’mon! He has an arm-swinging action feature (which is broken), a whale on his head, bling around his neck, barnacles and sea shells all over his body…

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Typhus - BeetleBorgs Action Figure

…and he even has a crab for a hand (a truly awesome and hilarious design decision by the way). How menacing could he be?

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Typhus - BeetleBorgs Action Figure

I figured he was a Power Rangers character, but I wanna come up with some better (worse) sea-related jokes to introduce this guy.

– He sells sea shells by the sea shore.
– The REAL Aquaman
– He’s sleeping with the fishes.
– He has a bad case of crabs.
– Mascot for Sea World

Yeah, that’s it. He can be the original, retired mascot for Sea World. Since he was fired by Sea World, he’s become old and bitter. That’s actually not an angry, “evil” look on his face, it’s just frustration due to his lack of any other relevant job skills.

Seriously though, this toy looks to be another quirky Power Rangers bad guy, but as always, ya gotta check the toy’s markings – “© 96 Bandai” on one foot and “Made in China” on the other.

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Typhus - BeetleBorgs Action Figure

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Typhus - BeetleBorgs Action Figure

Ya know, I actually had no luck figuring out what this toy was. Seriously, I scoured the web for Power Rangers and BeetleBorgs characters for a pretty good while. Nothing.

But thanks to JohnH at the forums, I was able to get some help identifying this guy. Turns out it’s a Saber-Swiping Typhus figure from the BeetleBorgs toy line, and according to Wikipedia, Typhus is a Chimera, humanoid monster who likes to fight. His whale flattop is actually an extra mouth used to eat food and other junk, and he uses a sword (which blasts lasers when held in his extra mouth) that latches to his arm or his mouth. Weird.

I’m not too familiar with the BeetleBorgs. They just look like another set of brightly-colored, acrobatic kids that fight monsters.

I sure as hell hope, the show wasn’t as bad as this music video I found.

7 Responses

  1. Doddsy says:

    Dude, extra mouth on the head? Crab for a hand? That’s freaking awesome!

  2. Matty says:

    Whatever Justin! That music video was the best! You just can’t get around how amazing those dance steps were! Also, I like the REAL Aquaman idea better… HAHAHA classic.

  3. Brad Mcginty says:

    Justin, I just stopped by to tell you how crappy it was not seeing you at heroes! I brought you a toy for the site and everything. I prolly should have given it to J Chris, but I never got around to it. I’ll send you some pics, or I’ll just give it to you next year at heroes.

    This is one of my favorite blogs right now. I feel like I actually own all these toys. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Justin says:

    Yeah, Brad, I hate that I missed you guys this year. (I also hate that I missed out on your toy 😉 ) I can’t wait to see what you found.

    Also, glad you like the blog. It’s my pleasure posting weird-ass toys for you all to enjoy.

  5. Shipyard69 says:

    That singer looks like a young Jay Leno for crying out loud.
    But you sure can find the most God awful figures. I’ve been
    on the look out for some to send you, but I think it’s a lost

  6. Mittens says:

    I never realized how absurd the premise for that show was, why would it make sense for a ghost to be able to turn kids into super heroes?

    good find by the way, I love that big green stripe that accentuates the crotch and looks like it circles around to the back. haha, gross.

  7. Justin says:

    Ha!! I didn’t really pay much attention to the wraparound green crotch serpent! Great stuff.

    As far as the show’s premise goes. I won’t even try to comprehend it. Just seeing the goofy Jay Leno lookalike bugs the hell outta me. Not sure why.

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