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Masters of the Uni-worse

Masters of the Uni-worse

So here we have some Masters of the Universe (MOTU) figures. It’s He-Man (The Most Powerful Man in the Universe) and Skeletor (The Evil Lord of Destruction).

Don’t they look awesome? Just like I remembered them….


(Click to enlarge)
He-Man - Generic Mexican Action Figure


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Skeletor - Generic Mexican Action Figure

Masters of the Universe my ass! These guys are masters of nothing (well, maybe the Masters of Shittily Made Toys).

All I can say is these things are god-awful. Again, what we have here are some generic, ugly-ass Mexican bootleg figures of popular American toylines.

These MOTU figures are horrible, but I love ’em. They look like homemade elementary school sculpture projects. You can’t pose them. They can’t hold any weapons (although there’s a hole in Skeletor’s hand, so maybe it had a purpose at some point). Do-it-yourself action figures (Well, not action figures, cuz they can’t really move. They’re just statues i guess).

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He-Man - Generic Mexican Action Figure He-Man - Generic Mexican Action Figure

They’re the rejects of the MOTU toyline. Maybe that’s why I took them in. I feel sorry for them with their horrible molds, non-existent quality control and bad production value. These guys look like they’ve melted a bit. There’s tons of flack all over ’em, their paint’s rubbed off, and they’re just plain gross.

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Skeletor - Generic Mexican Action Figure Skeletor - Generic Mexican Action Figure

Skeletor actually has a separate piece of armor (which is held on by a peg protruding from his chest) and some freaky muscle structure on his back (not that the rest of him isn’t freaky). Oh, and as it turns out, he does swivel at the waist.

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He-Man & Skeletor - Generic Mexican Action Figures

He-Man’s a bit smaller than Skeletor, but does size really matter?

So, what are the odds that these are actually rare prototypes? They’re early concept figures of the legendary toyline. Hmmmm….

10 Responses

  1. Matty says:

    It looks like their eyes are burned out! That’s so cool!

  2. JoE says:

    probably my favorite toys yet

  3. BubbaShelby says:

    They are probably also made with lead paint. Which has flaked off and affected at least three generations of youth so far.

    I almost wonder if they could have been cake toppers?

  4. Justin says:

    Oh crap! I had those toys in my mouth before I took the photos!

    Cake toppers you say? Could be. They’re small-ish. Maybe 4 or 5 inches tall.

  5. Mistuh_t says:

    those are hideous! I wish I would have found them instead.

  6. Justin says:

    Yeah, MistuhT… they ARE hideous. I actually have a couple more that are even smaller (but not as ugly). Maybe I’ll post them some day. I just couldn’t get my photos to come out very well wtth the other two… and they wouldn’t stand well either.

  7. Joe says:

    Late to the party here, but those are awesome bootleg toys Justin!

  8. Chuck says:

    OMG! As a vivid Masters of the Universe fan and fantasy figure collector I would have to say that is the most eye gouching excuse for a figure i have ever seen! The memories of the abominations will linger with me until I die.

  9. The King of Bootlegs says:

    Sweet Spirit of Greyskull!

    Just the site of those sweat shop “figures” makes me wanna curse Mattel for not reissuing MOTU at an affordable price.

    By The Power of Knock-offs I Have A Weirdo!

  10. Devil Dan says:

    sHe-Man looks like some ancient clay statue. Put him in an museum among real ancient figures and he probably woudn’t stand out that much. That would be an interesting experiment to see how many people would notice.

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