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Strange Kids Comics Magazine Needs to Become Reality

Strange Kids Comics Magazine Needs to Become Reality

I have a mission for you all. Let’s help the next issue of Strange Kids Comic come to life. Rondal Scott III heads up the awesome blog Strange Kids Club, and he’s trying to get the next printed issue into you hands. It’s all happening on Kickstarter.

The magazine is chock full of vintage toys and horror-inspired content. It also includes a slew of artists and other contributors like Madballs’ artist James Groman among others. And guess what, even I have a small part in the project.

So, if you want to get your grubby hands on a kickass comic with awesome art, stories and even more Add-Ons from the Kickstarter project, get your butt over the the Strange Kids Comics Kickstarter project and throw some money at it 😉



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  1. Shane Pyle says:

    Hi! Several years ago you covered the York Toy Extravaganza in York, PA. Will you be going again this weekend? I’m curious to go, but it’s far for me and your review is one of the most recent. I’m only interested in 80’s & 90’s toys. Is it worth my time? Thanks for any help!

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