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Strange Kids Comics Magazine Needs to Become Reality

Strange Kids Comics Magazine Needs to Become Reality

I have a mission for you all. Let’s help the next issue of Strange Kids Comic come to life. Rondal Scott III heads up the awesome blog Strange Kids Club, and he’s trying to get the next printed issue into you hands. It’s all happening on Kickstarter. The magazine is chock full of vintage toys […]

Toxic Underworld Unveiled

Toxic Underworld Unveiled

“After the fallout… They are all that crawled out.” This is the Toxic Underworld! Goodleg Toys X Weirdo Toys present this group of custom bootleg figures. They will be knocking at your door on Halloween, Oct 31st, at Midnight GMT+1. To stay super-current on the release, follow Goodleg’s Facebook feed. Better get your kids to […]

He'll fight for freedom wherever there's zombies.

He’ll fight for freedom wherever there’s zombies.

Wow. Over the weekend, I discovered this awesome music video (thanks Brad) for Zombie Zombie’s “Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free” song. I don’t know a thing about the band, but I’m in love with this video. Stop motion vintage G.I. Joe… in the antarctic… fighting zombies. What’s not to love? This is […]

Motorbot's Formaldehyde Face

Motorbot’s Formaldehyde Face

Unlike all the other cool “geek bloggers” out there, I don’t have a 30-day countdown to Halloween. Sorry folks 🙁 But I do have something cool, quirky and creepy for ya. (Click to enlarge) Do you recognize this guy? I’ll give you a hint. It’s where Shepard Fairey got the whole “OBEY” schtick. Still nothing? […]

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