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Motorbot's Formaldehyde Face

Motorbot’s Formaldehyde Face

Unlike all the other cool “geek bloggers” out there, I don’t have a 30-day countdown to Halloween. Sorry folks 🙁

But I do have something cool, quirky and creepy for ya.

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Formaldehyde Face

Do you recognize this guy?

I’ll give you a hint.


It’s where Shepard Fairey got the whole “OBEY” schtick.

Still nothing? Here’s another hint.

Kick ass

This is the man who said, “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

Well, how about the lady with the “formaldehyde face?”

They Live

Ah-ha! Now you remember.

Yep, this little guy is one of those creepy aliens from John Carpenter’s “They Live.” It’s an 80s classic. If you don’t know the movie, then I’m really shocked you’re even reading my blog 😉

But for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, lemme give you a quick, quick rundown. “They Live” is an old, sci-fi/horror movie from 1988. It stars wrestling great Rowdy Roddy Piper as an average Joe who stumbles upon the fact that aliens have taken over the world. How does he discover this secret you ask? Through magic sunglasses of course. Ha!

I don’t mean to spoil it for you, but here’s a quick look at what those sunglasses reveal. (Make sure you still watch the full movie though.)

Pretty creepy huh. I’d definitely hate to see those freaks face-to-face.

(Okay, I realize this isn’t a blog about old, horror movies, but I had to give you some context.)

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Formaldehyde Face

That’s what makes this figure so great. He’s a super-deformed incarnation of an iconic 80s sci-fi horror flick alien.

You’re probably looking at this guy thinking he looks kind of simple for a movie toy, but that’s because he is one of the newest “made-from-scratch,” resin toys by artist, Motorbot.

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Formaldehyde Face

The figure is pretty simple. He has a solid body with a poseable head, and he’s hand-painted. He’s actually pretty well made, and I’m really thrilled to have this custom toy in my collection. I have a bunch of “one-of-a-kind” bootlegs from Mexico and stuff, but I don’t have many of these limited-run, made-to-order kind of toys like this.

I’ve followed Motorbot on Twitter for a while now. It’s always a pleasure to see his processes and the various creatures he creates, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt compelled to buy one of his pieces. I dunno. There’s just something about a skinless, bug-eyed, skeletal freak in a suit that calls to me.

Formaldehyde Face

There’s an alternate version of Formaldehyde Face available as well. This one has a gray color scheme, which depicts how the aliens look through the magic sunglasses.
(Support a fellow toy maker and check out his shop. He’s got some cool stuff up there.)

Oh crap! Before I forget, there’s one last thing I wanted to show you. Here’s the fight scene from “They Live.” It’s not just any fight scene. It’s the most infamous fight scene in movie history. Thanks John Carpenter for giving us a 5-minute long street fight instigated by a seemingly trivial request to put on some sunglasses.


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  1. danielgoffin says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: @motorbot – I just blogged about you –

  2. philipjreed says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: @motorbot – I just blogged about you –

  3. motorbot says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: @motorbot – I just blogged about you –

  4. motorbot says:

    @WeirdoToys awesome, I finally made it onto weirdo toys, thanks man

  5. Doddfather says:

    I wonder what kind of bubblegum he chews when he’s got it. Thanks for the 80s time travel – it made for a great Friday morning.

  6. thesurfingpizza says:

    RT @WeirdoToys: U like 80s sci-fi/horror flicks? U like toys of bug-eyed, alien guys? Thanks to @motorbot your dream has come true – htt …

  7. Ben says:

    What a great movie. I viewed it again a few weeks ago. Classic. The toy is a great item too — I knew the reference at the very first picture.

  8. Ben says:

    Great merchandise from a woefully unmerchandised cult 80s flick! I guess it’s too much to hope for a line of toys based on “Deadly Prey.”

  9. icur1mi says:

    Call the cops?! You need to call a Brazilian plastic surgeon!

  10. That movie is great and so is the toy. I also remember this movie having the most repetitive and boring score too.

    First time on your blog and I am digging all the random toys and the research you put into each toy. This site is great.

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