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Lil' Zombie Prototype 3

Lil’ Zombie Prototype 3

You know those little green army men that we all had growing up? We kind of liked them, because they were cool military guys with weapons, but we also hated them cuz they weren’t as cool and poesable like modern 3.75″ figures like G.I. Joe. Well, they are iconic and will probably always be around […]

Primitive Zombie Species Discovered

Primitive Zombie Species Discovered

On the Weirdo Toys blog, it’s always been my mission to uncover rare and strange oddities, but this time I’m onto something really special. I’ve just uncovered this undiscovered etching of a long-forgotten ancestor in our evolutionary heritage. (Click to enlarge) It looks like this new “creature” is a mutated step between gorillas and humans. […]

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