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Wolfgang Amadeus Griller

Wolfgang Amadeus Griller

So… I got this weird figure in my Christmas stocking years and years ago (thanks Dad!).

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Wolfgang Amadeus Griller - Power Rangers Monster - weird action figure that squeaks

The guy looks to be a monster greaser or something, but he’s not quite the Hell’s Angels motorcycle-riding stereotype. Take a good look at his pompadour hairstyle, orange leather jumpsuit, blue gloves, blue elf boots and his plump, heart-shaped torso all lined with metal brackets or fencing or something.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Griller - Power Rangers Monster - weird action figure that squeaks

Sure, it’s an odd outfit, but then you see who’s wearing it – a pale, vampire-looking guy with blue gums, no eyes and a face wrapped in the same metal riveted brackets.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Griller - Power Rangers Monster - weird action figure that squeaks

Okay, he’s a freaky greaser type, but there’s another level of thought in the toy’s design here. It appears “sound” is a major theme in this character’s concept. His outfit contains speakers and horns on his arms, waist and chest. To amplify his sound theme (no pun intended), there’s a button on his back you press to animate his arms and release a cute, little squeak sound (kinda like a dog’s chew toy).

I wasn’t quite sure what this figure was. The only markings I found on the guy were “Made in China” and “©97 Bandai” which led me to believe it was either a BeetleBorgs or Power Rangers toy.

I am not (and never have been) a fan of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but according to this site (thanks for the link Brian), this guy is in fact a monster on the show. He’s known as Wolfgang Amadeus Griller. It seems that he appeared in an episode called Cars Attacks in 1997. He’s a musical monster who uses his conductor’s wand to throw cars around and the like… probably causing chaos for the overly-animated Power Rangers.

I really love the surprisingly quirky, freaky and fun design of this figure, and knowing the Power Rangers’ monsters were this bizarre, I really need to be on the lookout for other weirdo monster toys from the toyline. I can always have faith in Japanese to create cool creatures. If you all know of any other MMPR toys worth checking out, please let me know.

6 Responses

  1. Starscream says:

    He looks like Judge Death’s third cousin.

  2. J Chris says:

    Dude, the Power Rangers have all sorts of messed up bad guys. Come over to the house and I’ll give you an arm load. I’m about to pack them away and I’d rather they be enjoyed.

  3. Me says:

    You’re welcome. I remember buying that. Some store had a table full of assorted figures and I knew how you were into off-the-wall toys.

  4. joe says:

    its called the griller monster form PRT you moron.

  5. Justin says:

    Exactly. Just try reading next time.

  6. eligh says:

    looks like a 2000 ad character. hes rockin the judge death grill piece

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