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Terminator and Dot Matrix Have Love Child

Terminator and Dot Matrix Have Love Child

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Knock-off Terminator T-800 Action Figure

Well, look at what we have here – if it ain’t another bootleg toy. This guy looks like the bastard offspring of the Terminator’s T-800 and Spaceballs’ Dot Matrix (I could’ve said C-3PO, but that’s a bit too creepy). I didn’t even know robots could have sex.

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Knock-off Terminator T-800 Action Figure

The figure looks pretty goofy (Well, he’s not an “action figure” as much as he is a “statue.” He isn’t poseable at all.)… maybe something you’d find in the grocery store’s toy section . He was probably hanging alongside those mini police badge sets and other crummy Japanese imports (I’ve never understood why grocery stores have such shitty toy selection. Maybe I can do a future blog post about that).

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Knock-off Terminator T-800 Action Figure

I’m just assuming he’s a ripoff of the iconic Terminator toys. I know, I know, just because he’s a robotic endoskeleton doesn’t mean he’s trying to cash in on the success of the films. But Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released in 1991, and this toy was made in 1992 (well according to its markings anyway –”Chap Mei ©1992.”). Looks like they were a bit late with the bootlegging.

But beyond the fact that he’s a robotic endoskeleton (with a goofy grin), look at his arm. No. the other one. The missing one.

He’s lost an arm!  Just like the terminators did in the first couple of movies.

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Knock-off Terminator T-800 Action Figure

Actually, when I first saw the toy, I just thought I’d found a broken, old bootleg. Turns out, the toy was actually produced with the missing arm. Isn’t that great? I guess they wanted it to be semi-accurate to the Terminator movies, and they just used the bronzy-copperish color scheme to throw-off the lawyers.

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Knock-off Terminator T-800 Action Figure

And lastly, we have the big, honkin’ chest plate sticker. I don’t understand and have yet to find out what the lightning bolt, triangles and initials “S.P.” stand for. Is this guy the member of some bootleg superhero team? Is this their team logo?



Silent Partner?

Socialist Party?

South Park?

Any information would be greatly appreciated… or any other likely solutions for the S.P. problem.

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20 Responses

  1. Mittens says:

    Spank Patrol!

    Silk Pants!

    Sweaty Penis.

    Scabby Police…

    Stabbing Penguins?


  2. Jen says:

    You know I couldn’t resist this.

    Spam Porterl

    Slammin’ Panic

    Sundry Powders

    Spent Plenty

    Stolen Parts

    and… in honor of election season… he’s not bi-partisan, he’s

    Super Partisan!

  3. Jason says:

    Steam Punk.

    that’s all I have. more later perhaps.

  4. BubbaShelby says:

    Having stolen the “eye guy” response thread, I won’t even touch the S.P.

    But I must say that making the Terminator/Dot Matrix reference was brilliant!

    Also, a thread on the unholy crappiness of grocery store toy aisles is sure to be a winner!

  5. mistuh_thye says:

    secret police
    scrotum polisher
    stinking pile

  6. Justin says:

    @ Mittens – Sweaty Penis? Ugh.

    @ Jen – good ones. Nice political relevancy you got there 😉

    @ Jason – Steam Punk. Hm. A steam punk terminator could look kinda cool.

    @ Bubba Shelby – Thanks for the props. I’ll have to keep a special lookout for crappy/weirdo grocery store toys.

    @ mistuh-thye – Scrotum polisher? Ha! I’ve got some perverse readers around here.

  7. David says:

    I seem to remember seeing this guy packaged with a dart gun with the idea that you shoot the rubber darts at him which makes the no articulation thing a bit more understandable.

  8. Emna says:

    In the 80’s series ”the young ones”, Vyvyan has a hamster named after it

  9. Triloge says:

    Chap Mei is an anagram of “I’m Cheap.”

  10. Justin says:

    Wow!! Great observation. “I’m Cheap” is perfect!

  11. Some Perverse Guy named Micheal says:

    I can not believe no one has thought of Sphincter Pounder yet.

  12. Jonathon says:

    I had this when I was younger. It was one of those cheap safeway bought toys that came with a dart gun. I think the sp was space police. hope I’m helping.

  13. Theo says:

    if i remember correctly bro, this figure is from a shooting game, there is a silver one, a gold one, and a black one, and u fire darts at them from a gun, mite be wrong? but i have a pretty good memory!
    lemme know if thats any help, wikid sight btw!

  14. Theo says:

    ahh i just saw the guy David remembers the same thing! must be right, hope tht helps u mate 🙂
    Nice one

  15. The Bootleg King says:

    Sp Stupid Plastic
    Shitty Pnock off
    Swine Plu

  16. Somarinoa says:

    I automatically assumed that the S.P. stood for Space Police. I think I recall seeing these for a while at the two local state fairs in Alaska – the Palmer State Fair and the Kenai Peninsula State Fair. Heck, they may STILL sell them there; I sort of stopped shopping at those places due to a lack of funds and them all getting to be severely expensive (what used to cost $5 for those large cardboard sheets with stuff like this for target practice and such now costs $20).


    I found your blog searching for old toys…and I had this thing!

    i’m brazilian, and i had this in the middle of the 90’s, was a cheap toy here too…but here, the color of the robot was silver, just like the terminator!

    and he came with a red glass, for the child wear, and a gun with plastic arrows…how bizarre is this?

    ahhuahuahua very nice! 😀

  18. Soren says:

    I found this guy. He has another face then the one you have .

  19. Da pimpp says:

    Space police or sex pimp

  20. Daftly says:

    Veeery early Chap Mei piece, ostensibly a target piece for a dart gun set.

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