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La Cosa de los Cuatro Fantásticos

La Cosa de los Cuatro Fantásticos

Well, as you’ve seen here before (and I’m sure you’re bound to see again), I have some delightfully horrible Mexican bootlegs to share. (By the way, I hope that Spanish blog entry title is correct. I kind of guessed at it using Babelfish and Google. Who needs to bother learning multiple languages? 😉 )

It’s great just seeing some Mexican sculptors’ attempts to create the likenesses of popular comic characters. These guys aren’t just bootlegging Marvel Legends toys, they are making custom sculptures (maybe even something that could be equated to limited edition designer vinyl), and they have their own personalities and unique stories to tell.

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Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootlegs

Let me back up for a minute just to give the unknowing readers a quick rundown of what they’re looking at.

The Thing Comic Panels

This is “The Thing.”

(I threw in the Jack Kirby / Rob Liefeld drawing comparison just so the comic geeks out there can vomit ever-so-slightly. Well actually, that’ll make anyone vomit.)

I’m not sure if you all know of this character.

Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four – a group of scientist buddies that went into space, got zapped by cosmic rays and ended up a mutated bunch of freaks. Scientist, Ben Grimm (The Thing), turned into a big orange rock guy. A rock guy in his underwear. Oh, and they all star in their own comic published by Marvel Comics

Now that we’ve got that outta the way, let’s take a closer look at these bootlegs action figures one-by-one.

Crappy-Arm-Action Thing
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Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

Okay. Is it just me, or does this guy appear naked at first glance? He has a belt, no genitalia, and darker legs. I guess that implies pants well enough.

He also has a “4” sticker on his chest. Maybe he needed the 4 so we wouldn’t confuse him with any other of the Marvel character bootlegs.

Look at his funky blue eyes and blue mouth. Blue is a good color choice, I guess, since it’s the complement to orange, but it’s still kinda creepy. He’s glowing from the inside or something.

(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

So, this guy actually takes it up a notch (or is that down a notch?) when it comes to bootlegs. Whoever made this thing thought it’d be a good idea to make the arms connect by plastic a rod which is controlled by a small lever sticking out of the toy’s back. I guess it’s an “action feature.” Only thing is, it’s hard as hell to get it to move, and neither arm can move independently. Not only that, the pieces weren’t really made to fit together, so the rod is actually somehow forcing the toy’s shoulder/torso to pry open, making it even harder to maneuver the action feature. Kinda crummy.

Concave-Head Flack Thing
(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

All I can say is this bootleg ROCKS (pun intended). He’s not even really an “action figure.” He’s just a horribly, crappily, ridiculously, poorly-made mold-injected toy. He’s hollow, has no paint whatsoever, and flack all over… but at least he’s orange.

What does impress me though, is the fact that the sculpt is a cool, original take on the Thing. He’s a bit more cartoony with less of the “traditional” superhero proportions as seen in the previous bootleg.

(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

Look at this. Chunky, sloppy flack and a caved-in head. That’s some good bootleg craftsmanship 😉

Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

This Thing actually looks a bit like Michael Chiklis who played him in the movie. I don’t know if this photo captures it well, but in person, I thought I was looking at a bootleg Commish figure.

Rock Candy Thing
(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

Here we have little, cherry-flavored rocky candy Thing (I don’t mean that literally. He’s plastic and all. He just kind of reminded me of rock candy).  He’s just a solid, shiny, translucent chunk. Reminds me of those little PVC figures like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Smurfs or whatever.

(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's

One thing that caught my eye was the odd paint job. Look at his underpants. It almost looks like it was just applied minutes ago. Or it is still wet, because it isn’t chemically bonding with the plastic. Do you know what I’m talking about?

(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's

Poor guy. His face barely fits on his head.

Claymation Thing
(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

Last, and definitely not least, is my favorite of the bunch. The most goofy, quirky, fun version of the Thing I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this guy in a low-budget claymation version of the Fantastic Four.

He’s just so fun. A big, round, chunky, loveable, bright, fully-poseable Thing figure. He even has hand-painted underwear.

(Click to enlarge)
Fantastic Four's - The Thing - Mexican Bootleg

I loved the startled look on his face. He must’ve just seen bootleg Invisible Girl in her invisible clothes.

And what’s up with the gray lips? Is it gravy? Porridge? Whatever it is, he’s just devoured it.

“It’s Slobberin’ Time!”

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19 Responses

  1. Mittens says:

    That last one looks so damn sturdy, it looks like about 4 pounds of plastic.

  2. oldman says:

    Thanks for the post. I know you been really busy but this starts off
    my work week in a positive note. I always enjoy your Toy finds. I
    know others will soon follow with their great comments.

  3. krakit says:

    Man, what a collection!
    Concave-Head Flack Commish Thing is my favorite
    with the Claymation Thing in a close second place.
    It’s funny how everyone of them lacks articulation
    at the elbows and knees which makes the Claymation
    Thing appear to be jogging with something stuck
    in his colon. Maybe that’s why his face looks like
    that. Poor guy!! Ha ha ha

  4. @ Mittens – Yeah, he is pretty sturdy. Probably the heavist of the bunch.

    @ oldman – Yeah, I have been busy. Glad you like the toys. Thanks for the support.

    @ krakit – Yeah, Commish Thing is cool. Too bad you guys can’t truly get a sense of how thin/hollow and crappy this guy is. I also, just took a second look at Claymation Thing. You’re right. He does have something shoved up there 😀

  5. Jason says:

    Man, these guys are fantastically terrible! What a find! They’re all so great in their own way. I think i like Claymation Thing the best. Maybe its the sloppy paint application? Really hard to say.

    Thanks for the great post. Weird THINGS did come to those who waited.
    Another batch of toys i wish i had. Keep up the great work.

    PS. Please consider doing some desktop wallpapers. I’d love the slobberin’ time closeup on my monitor.

  6. Dodsey says:

    Good to see you back – and to see these guys on the blog! I remember when they arrived on your doorstep, alone and neglected.

  7. Reis O'Brien says:

    Best… Weirdo Toys post… EVER!

  8. @ Jason – Thanks for the kind words. Glad I can continue to make you jealous 😉 Also, I really should put a downloads section on here huh? I’ll announce it here when that happens.

    @ Doddsy – Thanks for the support. I’m glad you finally got to see the THINGs get their time in the Weirdo Toys limelight.

    @ Reis – Thanks man. I’m glad I’m still “keeping it weird.” (man, that was lame)

  9. pl0xman123 says:

    lol wow! Claymation Thing’s body doesn’t look that bad really, but his face is ridiculous!
    The Rock Candy Thing is just.. wtf.. His body isn’t even made right! It looks like they just took a knife or something and just started to hit him with it 😐
    Those who made Concave-Head Flack Thing really took the “mutation” part serious.. His hand and face and, pretty much everything, is messed up!

    Keep up the good work, man! I love your site!

  10. mistuh_t says:

    Man this is a great bunch of weirdness! The Thing was always my favorite comic book character since I was a wee tike so it’s great to see this batch. I think the flack infested bootlegg is probably my fav. It definitely captures Ben’s ugly but loveable qualities.

  11. The Bootleg King says:

    Sweet Gawd Almighty!

    I’ve seen some wretched bootlegs,but the Ben Grimm is just plain Aweful.
    I kinda like the last one but the ones before Holy Shit!

  12. @ pl0xman123 – Thanks for the support. Glad you like 😀

    @ mistuh_t – glad I could present your favorite childhood hero as the mutated freak he really is.

    @ The Bootleg King – Ha! I know. Glad I can get such strong reactions from the king of bootlegs 😉

  13. Traie says:

    Last one looks like it was based on the Thing solo cartoon HB/RS did in the 70´s

  14. MrFus says:

    Man… this toys are magnificent! I just can’t stop laughting… I’m from mexico and I remember buying some bootleg toys when I was a kid
    (like 20 years ago! hahaha) now I think I should have save all for the enjoyment of future generations!

    Maybe when I visit my family there I should look on the flea markets for this hiden gems! and bring back some good examples (if customs don’t try to take them away, like they do with my tequila lasst time aaaggggrrr!!).

    By the way the name of the thing is know on the country of the beans and tortilla as “LA MOLE”.

  15. MorganaLeFaye says:

    You don’t read The Fantastic Four do you? Ben Grimm is NOT a scientist, he was a jet pilot who was chosen by Reeed Richards to pilot the experimental space ship because they were good friends. Sue and Johnny also are not (in the original version) scientists, she was Reeds girlfriend just along for the ride, and Johnny was her kid brother. He was just there because she couldn’t get a baby sitter the night of the flight. 🙂

  16. lol says:

    i lol’d really hard at the pics and the text. really nice job reviewing those toys.

  17. gelatin says:

    The last one is a bit of Michelin Man/Thing everlovin’ mash-up. Love it.

  18. mm says:

    Ok somebody already said it, Rock Candy Thing lol it looks like the Micheline Man!…

  19. haikal says:

    Wow,this is amazing -Hulk with bald head

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