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Underworld Warriors Packaging Pic

Underworld Warriors Packaging Pic

You asked for it, and I’ve somehow managed to deliver (thanks to Clambo at Clam’s Toy Box). Here’s a look at the Underworld Warriors card front. (The back is just blank cardboard, so it’s not really worth showing here.)

(Remember to click the pic to see a larger view. Enjoy.)

(Click to enlarge)
Underworld Warriors

If you’ll notice, I misquoted the bulleted “action features.” All the “&”s are actually “N”s. Funny.

Thanks, Clambo, for sharing such a great pic of such a great toy. Now please send the toy to me 😀

3 Responses

  1. Clambo says:

    No problem. Enjoy.

  2. The Bootleg King says:

    Wow! I love the Vampire skeleton! I collect some MOTU and BlackStar figures. It reminds me of Warriors of the Galaxy and Bugmen of Insceta from back in the day.

  3. david stone says:

    This guy’s fantastic! i’m bidding on him loose on ebay right now. Doubt i’ll get him, he’s so bad-a though.

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