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Little Red Riding Wolf

Little Red Riding Wolf

Ever wonder what the offspring of a Troll and the Wolfman would look like? (Sure, we all have.)

Well, ever wonder what that offspring would look like dressed as Little Red Riding Hood? (Really? You have?! That’s weird.)

Apparently someone else did too. This is the fruit of his labor.

Little Red Riding Hood Wolfman Troll

I present to you, Little Red Riding Wolf…troll.

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Little Red Riding Hood Wolfman Troll

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Little Red Riding Hood Wolfman Troll

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Little Red Riding Hood Wolfman Troll

So I found this thing at a toy show a while back. It was a show in Charlotte, NC at the Metrolina Expo. I usually don’t find too much good stuff out there, but this time around, I found some beauties. This little monster is the first of the batch.

The guy I bought it from claims it’s a Mexican “knock-off” from the 80s. It’s great, because it’s a combo. A freak toy combining Universal Studios’ Wolfman with the popularity of the Troll dolls by DAM.

I know it’s horrid. I know it’s ugly. I know it’s a waste of money, but its screwed-up proportions and the amalgamation of recognizable icons is what called to me. I mean, c’mon! At first glance it’s a Wolfman toy, but after careful observation one soon discovers it’s actually a Troll toy. It even has the mini troll body with the stubby toes and fingers and big frilly hair. But the topper is the red shawl with button and denim skirt. What the hell? The thing looks homemade!


After careful inspection (stripping the toy down) I discovered text on its back reading “Made in Hong Kong.”


Also, thanks to jroyale, I now know these little guys are called Monster-niks, which look to be disproportioned monsters dressed as little girls. And as you can see by its packaging, these things are “adorable.”

Frankenstein Monsternik
Frankenstein Monster-niks package photo courtesy of

10 Responses

  1. A fan says:

    Two things. First who would even bring this to sell at a toy show in the first place? Secondly what would your boss say
    if you were paid by some company to come up with a toy for
    supposedly children? That is if not the ugliest toy, at least it’s near the top. You sir have an eye for “Weird Toys”.

  2. Brian says:

    What The F***!
    My dog wouldn’t touch that piece of crap.

  3. J Chris says:

    That looks to be a custom.

    Does the plastic in the head match the plastic of the body?

    Are there any markings on him?

  4. Justin says:

    The head and body match pretty well. They’re both made from the same thin, brown plastic. Also, the neck of the torso is a large peg that fit’s the head correctly. The hair looks “professionally” cut and glued to the head, but the clothes seems thrown together to me.

    And I just undressed it. There actually ARE markings on the figure. It’s text that reads “Made in Hong Kong.”

  5. jroyale says:

    This is called a Monsternik. there is also a frankenstein’s monster and a king kong version. I believe it is from the late 60’s

  6. Rob You says:

    It looks like they just threw together whatever spare parts from other toys were left at the factory!

  7. Mistuh_t says:


  8. David says:

    I wonder if it is anatomically correct, and if it were, how would you even know?

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