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And the weirdo winner is…

And the weirdo winner is…


Congrats, Ben. You’re now the proud owner of Seezall and a Weirdo Toys’ Apple Devil t-shirt. I’ll email ya and send this stuff out pronto.

Thanks everyone for participating. Again, I wish I had toys for all of you, but these are just coming from my personal collection. (I do have t-shirts for sale though if you still wanna sport the first, limited-edition Weirdo Toys t-shirt.)

It’s always great hearing from you guys. Knowing that there are other cool people who like weirdo toys really brightens my day. Thanks for sticking with me, and I look forward to unveiling some cool stuff this year.

Have a great day!

8 Responses

  1. krakit says:

    Alright, Ben! Congratulations on winning
    such a wonderfully weird toy!

  2. icur1mi says:

    Nice job Ben!

  3. Stephen Williamson says:

    This is completely unrelated — and I’m not sure if these qualify as Weirdo Toy-worthy — but I thought that these might interest you if you weren’t already aware of them:

  4. Stephen Williamson says:

    Also, there appears to have been a Mad Balls comic series:

  5. Hey Ben. Congrats. I sent your figure and t-shirt. Enjoy!!

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