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Creepy Freaks by WizKids

Creepy Freaks by WizKids

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my dad has a healthy interest in my toy hobby, and yet again, he’s uncovered a gem for us all.

Sometime last year, he surprised me with an entire case of “Creepy Freaks” by WizKids (I think it was my birthday or something. I don’t recall.)

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Creepy Freaks

Apparently, he got the toys fairly cheap off eBay.

I’d never heard of them, but the name alone intrigued me. I had no idea what to expect once I opened the box.

Creepy Freaks

So this is what I found – Twenty four blind-boxed booster packs for “the Gross Out 3D Trading Game.” (I think I kind of recognize this packaging, but I’m not quite sure. Maybe I passed by them in a Toys R Us or something.)

I opened up my first box (after painfully cutting through a thick plastic clamshell) and found two miniature figurines inside. Not bad, but actually these weren’t toys as much as they were game pieces for a kids game.


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Creepy Freaks

They appeared to work like HeroClix or something at first glance. I don’t have any rules for the game (and honestly don’t care to look it up. Ha!), but it looks like each character has various powers and strengths which are used when you twist the character around on his/her square base.

Along with the Creepy Freaks game pieces come circular portrait stickers and character illustration stickers with a comic strip on the back.

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Creepy Freaks Cards

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Creepy Freaks

This is really starting to feel like a poorly executed modern Garbage Pail Kids.

Now, lets’ get to what’s important here: the weird character game pieces. After opening all 24 boxes, I had 48 Creepy Freaks in my possession. It seems like each character has an alternate name and paint job. Meet Sour Milk and Curdles.

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Sour Milk and Curdles

Again, it kind of reminds me of Garbage Pail Kids with the the alternative naming and all. I like it.

Secondly. I didn’t want a bunch of game pieces lying around. I seriously hoped I could break the figures off their game bases.

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Creepy Freaks

As luck would have it, it is possible. I started breaking the game bases off every figure with brute force until my thumbs couldn’t take it anymore. A couple pairs of pliers did the trick just fine… and it didn’t involve nearly as much pain.

Okay… enough with all the BS. Let’s got to the most important part – the characters!

What I’m showing you here are some of my favorites from the collection I have. I’m not showing them all because I don’t like them all… and I honestly didn’t feel like shooting a hundred photos. Ha!

Sour Milk
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Sour Milk Sour Milk

This guy is awesome. Probably my favorite of the bunch. I love the simple, maniacal milk carton w/ the little kid trapped inside trying to escape. Such a great spoof of the old missing children ads on milk cartons. Are those missing kids ads around anymore? Are milk cartons?

Drippy the Pusman
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Drippy the Pussman Drippy the Pussman

This guy’s pretty nasty. He’s obviously a spoof of Frosty the Snowman… only he’s oozing with puss. Nasty, nasty stuff.

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Skelehomie Skelehomie

Skelehomie surprised me a little bit. Having anything with the word “homie” seems risky in this era of über-sensitivity and politically correct toys. And to top it off, the guy’s sipping on a brewski. I like it.

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Anklebiter Anklebiter

Ankebiter’s cute. He’s just a little demon or vampire baby. “Hell-on-wheels” so to speak.

Monster Under the Bed
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Monster under the Bed Monster under the Bed

This guys is an icon. Every kid knows the monster under the bed. Well, now we’re finally getting a good look at him. Too bad there’s no little kid in the bed peeing himself.

Bo Oger
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Bo Oger Bo Oger

This guys kind a fun and funky. Just a cyclops ogre with a major runny nose. I don’t even mind the “Bo Oger/booger” pun. Good fun.

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Vampappy Vampappy

Ha! This is an awesome, awesome character design. The old’ grandpa vampire with vampire dentures. He’s rolling along in his wheel chair. It actually looks like he could be Anklebiter years from now… but vampires don’t age, right? I guess this guy was bitten at the old folks home.

Jar Head
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Jar Head Jar Head

Jar head’s kinda cool. A bit unexpected. He’s reminiscent of the cliche, disembodied brain of a super-genius in a jar. Why don’t we ever see disembodied dumbass brains in jars… unless you count “Abby Normal.”

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Socket Socket

This guy is awesome enough as a skeleton super hero, but the fact that he’s using a slingshot to launch his own skull at someone… that’s pretty cool.

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T.E.D.D.Y. T.E.D.D.Y.

He is the ultimate franken-bear. Looks like a teddy bear brought to life by scrounging together some parts of long-deceased stuffed animals. Such a great, creepy twist on such a staple of childhood cuteness and innocence.

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Sox Sox

Man. I’ve never seen an undead zombie cat. He looks great. and I can’t get over the awesome gag of his rising from a litter box grave So puurfect (couldn’t resist).

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John John

Hey, the name says it all. He’s a john. Question is, “Sit or squat… or run for your life?” I’ll let you answer that one.

Overall, I love the character designs. They are actually a lot of fun and pretty clever. I’m happy to add these cool, weird figurines to my collection.

Saddest part is the Creepy Freaks are gone. These suckers came out in 2003. I probably saw them at some point, but paid no attention to them at the time. I guess kids did the same. I think the naming, packaging, etc. may have had something to do with that.

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Creepy Freaks

The logo for one is pretty lame – a nondescript sans-serif type face with a devilish smiley face. It’s pretty tame and generic for a game that’s based around cool, gross creatures. Take that logo, and put it over a dark box with texture all over. and what do ya get? An indiscernible mess.

Creepy Freaks

No way you could read that package on the shelves. plus, there’ so much texture and shadows and glows and stuff, you can’t ever tell what you’re looking at.

I think the figurines are great, but the awkward, comic-book style illustrations and unfunny comic strips seems to just throw too much in the mix. Maybe it wasn’t “too much,” but when it’s not all presented well, it just comes across as an incohesive mess.

Am i being too critical? Ha!

One last thing. I wonder if the cartoony, gross character trend is reserved for a generation of 80s kids. Do kids nowadays like this stuff? If so, I have hope 😀

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  1. Wow! Your dad is awesome! Those are some great game pieces/toy figures. I remember seeing them in the stores but never bought any because I didn’t want to play the game just collect the figures and the price seemd a bit high for that. Great skulpts though, and fun concepts! May have to head over to Ebay…

  2. motorbot says:

    @WeirdoToys need that toilet

  3. oldman says:

    This is a big lift for me. Because I know how you like to find toys that are really out there. So at least I know I got (2) seperate purchases that you liked enough to make this great website.

  4. Ben says:

    These were made by Wizkids in order to introduce a HeroClix-like game to younger players. Unfortunately, without the brand-name recognition of Marvel and DC superheroes and supervillains, these failed spectacularly, and I remember Kay Bee stores attempting to literally give these things away at fifty cents a piece even before they were clearancing everything in the store!

    I’m VERY impressed with the detail, and I feel like this could have been a gold mine for some toy company had it NOT been marketed as a collectible miniatures game. I especially like Sour Milk and Curdles, who are curiously reminiscent of Evan Dorkin’s “Milk and Cheese.” MERV GRIFFIN!!!

  5. Jarhead was my personal favorite, if not one of my favorite little figures EVER, but mine broke on the inside and has since been misplaced. There was also a disembodied eyeball I wanted, and I loved the carnivorous plant and cockroach guy.

    The large “starter” sets came with a DVD of an animated pilot, too. It was pretty cheesy, and the animation looked like the same artists who created “Hey Arnold!”….same human designs and everything.

  6. Ryan says:

    I got a case of these a while back (probably that same 48 pack!), from eBay obviously – the description said I’d have every figure in that package, so that’s good. Thing is, I haven’t had a chance to open them up yet – moving house y’see, so don’t want to have loads of little creatures all over the place. Looking forward to opening them up now!

  7. ShenaniTims says:

    “Why don’t we ever see disembodied dumbass brains in jars…”

    If watching too many B-movies has taught me anything, it’s that the dumb/crazy/psycho brains are always put in Frankenstein’s monster’s body, not a jar. Usually a bad movie will ensue after that.

  8. krakit says:

    I was lucky that a friend of mine was willing
    to trade his Skelehomie with me. It was
    the only figure from this set I was familiar
    with until I read this post. John and Jar Head
    are calling out to me.

    Thanks for taking a group shot of some figures
    that didn’t hold your interest. Even if they
    aren’t close ups we still get the idea of their
    general appearance.

  9. krakit says:

    Just went to eBay and picked up a
    case for me. 😀 I’m glad your dad
    bought you a case and that you
    posted about it so we could enjoy
    it too.

  10. OX_Bigly says:

    I have the DVD, got it for $0.01 at Toys R Us a while back.
    It also has a visual guide of all the figures, instructions on how tho play a game your friends have never heard of, and of course the CARTOON.

    For some reason the Aaaah! real Monsters Prod. company got a lot of strange gigs.
    They made a McDonald lad cartoon….? That was creepy.

    Justin, if you want to see the cartoon LMK.

  11. Cal says:

    Man, I wish that gross toys like this were popular again…

    Though in many ways, I guess they were only marginally popular when we were kids… Popular enough to get movies and cartoons though 😛

    One of thesse days I’m going to collect all the Trash bag bunch stuff

  12. Hah, those are pretty hilarious.

    I like the naming style.

  13. Josh Lane says:

    I have a few unopened cases I’d sell for $20.00 a case of 24.Just email me if anyone is interested. Shipping would be around $4 so$24.00 even would work.

  14. Skellart says:

    I remember my ild Arcade gave these out as prizes years ago. I don’t have any of the figurines anymore but I still have the DVD : )

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