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And the sleazy winner is...

And the sleazy winner is…

Mr. Sleaze


You win an official Mr. Sleaze and FooFoo Dog (complete with torn-open packaging) along with the Apple Devil T-shirt! Congratulations!

(Oddly enough you were the first person to comment. I swear it was a random drawing.)

And to all of you who entered, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish I had toys for all of you, but I’m just a lowly weirdo toy lover. I have no sponsors or anything like that.

As always, thanks for the continued support of the Weirdo Toys blogs. I love hearing from fellow toy lovers.

Here are some of the prominent thoughts from your comments:

  • You want more updates with the possibility of guest bloggers. – It’s a good idea for sure. I need to start my search for suckers 😉
  • You like the idea of discussion boards (most of you anyway). – I’ll look into that. Last thing I wanna do is create a board and have no community using it.
  • You like the photos (and commentary) and would like to see them as downloadable desktop wallpapers. – That’s been a request for a long time. Now that I have a better camera, this may be a possibility.

That’s it for now. Have a great week (I think Mick will).

5 Responses

  1. smack6102 says:

    congrats MICK

  2. Ben says:

    Mick and Sleaze, together at last…

  3. krakit says:

    Alright Mick!

  4. LEon says:

    Congrat Mick! You got a free T-shirt as well! So good.

  5. Faria says:

    I love your toys

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