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Look at the toy of the monster where these are cool!

Look at the toy of the monster where these are cool!

Japanese toys. They’re commonly small, blind-packed (which makes them “collectible”) and bizarre in the eyes of most Americans.

I recently purchased these four figures in a blind pack from a vendor in Japan. It’s a small set made by TOMY. I’m not sure how old it is, and i’m not even sure what these characters are. Careful though. The toys depicted on the package are different than the ones i got upon opening the box (the ones in the box were actually better).

The only thing written in English that can be considered a description of these B-list creatures is something i found written on a label: “Daiei Tokusatsu Series 2 Soda Pop Candy.” That’s no help to me.

To spice things up, maybe I can use the Masters of the Universe naming conventions to describe these guys.

First we have, Bould-Ear-Dashthe furry, rock-headed ear doctor (notice his otoscope)
(Click to enlarge)
Rock headed caveman - Weird Japanese Monster Toy by TOMY

Next we have Duk-N-Cuvr (or Quaktor) – a cross-dressing duck warrior
(Click to enlarge)
Blue Duck Man - Weird Japanese Monster Toy by TOMY

And here we have Crumblorthe gingerbread samurai warrior
(Click to enlarge)
Gold Samurai - Weird Japanese Monster Toy by TOMY

Lastly, we have Cumulosa reptilian bird man (Stratos’ evil brother most likely)
(Click to enlarge)
Lizard Bird Man - Weird Japanese Monster Toy by TOMY

11 Responses

  1. Wonderful! What did the box look like?!?!?

  2. Molls says:

    Those are awesome! Gotta peruse more….

  3. Justin says:

    The box was nothing much to look at. Maybe I’ll photograph it and post it here before I throw it away.

  4. Justin says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad someone out there likes this stuff 😉

  5. jshin says:

    those are not the names of the characters..

  6. Nick says:


    I’ve enjoyed the hell out of your blog and I instantly recognized the Japanese figures. These characters come from the 1968 Daiei film ‘Yôkai daisensô’, better known as Spook Warfare. It was recently remade in 2005 although I have not seen that version. It’s kind of a kid’s horror movie, dealing with the common Japanese belief that every individual object has its own spirits. It’s set in historic Japan and all the spirits are guys in rubber suits.

    “Bould-Ear-Dash” is a spirit, not sure is exact purpose, one of the good

    “Duk-N-Cuvr” is a water spirit, one of the good guys.

    “Cumulos” is a vampire, the bad guy of the movie.

    **”Crumblor” on the other hand I don’t think comes from Spook Warfare but instead another Daiei movie from 1966 called Daimajin. This is a giant monster movie series like Godzilla but also set in historic Japan. It’s hard to say though because he’s not gold in the movie, but it is by the same company so is most likely Daimajin. “Daiei Tokusatsu” series means “[Company Name] Special Effects”, so it’d be like a “Disney
    Animation Series” toyline.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Patrick M. says:

    The first one’s name is “Abura Sumashi”

  8. theo says:

    well i know the second from last is daimajin from the daimajin japanese movie trilogy,
    and the very last one is Gameras enemy from “The Great Yokai War”

    hope this helped!

  9. Jason H says:

    Wow, these are really cool.
    They are a few of the characters from the “Yokai Monsters” series.
    I am the proud owner of all three movies.
    Yeah, one of those is Daimajin.
    There is also a collection of Japanese toys that are based on crypto-creatures like the Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster.

  10. Somarinoa says:

    Nick and others have already stated before, but yes, these are from the Yokai Monsters series. I’ll do them one better and link you to some pictures for proof.

    Cumulos (and a small Bould-Ear-Dash):

    Bould-Ear-Dash (this is the one I personally own):

    And here’s a collector’s page about Bould-Ear Dash himself:

  11. Jan says:

    what you have there are Yokai characters…look up the movie Yokai Monsters, I think those are the movie’s action figures…I can name at least one of them, the turtle guy is a Kappa or water imp. I hope this is of some help to you!

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