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Introducing Reader Mail

Weirdo Toys' Reader Mail

Hi All!

Over the months I’ve shown you random weird toys I’ve gathered, and several of you have taken the time and effort to write to me directly and even share toy finds of your own.

Instead of just letting the messages and photos collect virtual dust in my inbox, i thought I’d start sharing them with all the Weirdo Toys readers.

It’s a little feature I’d like to call “Reader Mail.” (Pretty clever name huh?)

Here’s the first letter I’d like to share:

Bunny BotHey Justin,

(Sung to the tune of Peter Cottontail)

Here comes easter bunnybot,
Yer hoping for candy he aint got,
Clink-clank-clink-clank, easter’s kinda gay
One of a million weirdo toys,
Who aint got crap for girls or boys,
Clink-clank-clink-clank, easter’s kinda gay.

hahahahaha!! I just wrote that especially for you.

Take care,

P.S. – I have no idea who this rabbit robot is, no markings at all and of course found at a garage sale.

Dr. Bunsen
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the goofy Easter song. A great theme song for a great robot bunny.

I like the robo-bunny, and I know exactly what it is! It’s a character that came with Dr. Bunsen from the Muppets Series 1 by (the now defunct) Palisades Toys (released in 2002 I think). Thanks for sharing!

I need to start going to Garage sales. I had no clue I could find old Muppets toys at them.

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  1. Matty says:

    Cool new section! I dig the bunny! Keep up the good weirdo work J!

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