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The Adventures of Bootleg Batman and Space Flyman

The Adventures of Bootleg Batman and Space Flyman

Hey folks. I just wanted to share this awesome Batman and Robin illustration I discovered a while ago.

It’s a piece by renowned illustrator, Thomas Perkins, who’s depicted Bootleg Batman and Space Flyman in their own animated series. Thomas even credits “Laundry Day with Batman and Robin” as his inspiration. I love it!



If this bootleg Batman had his own bootleg cartoon, I’d totally watch it… then bootleg it.

Thanks for the props Thomas, and thanks for bringing these oddball toys to life with the cel-shaded, animation style.

What do you guys think, and what toys do you want to seen drawn next? I’d really love to add that as a feature on the blog!

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  1. krakit says:

    Cool illustration!

    the Laundry link took me to 404 “page not found”
    I think the link is supposed to go to :

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