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Weirdo Toys at Heroes Con 2009

So for those who don’t know, the Heroes Convention is a comic con that takes place every year in Charlotte, NC. It usually happens around Father’s Day weekend. It’s actually this weekend – June 19-21.

Heroes Con

Anyway, I try to make it there every year. I shop around some for random comics, toys and stuff, but I’m usually hanging around with my buddies from Wide Awake Press, Top Shelf or Dollar Bin. I’ll be doing the same this year, but this time Weirdo Toys is representing a little bit. It’s not much, but I’ve managed to design the very first Weirdo Toys t-shirt. Maybe you’ll recognize the guy featured on the shirt?

Apple Devil Shirt

Apple Devil Shirt

The shirt is American Apparel brand, Asphalt-colored, 100% cotton, unisex tee. I’ll have S, M, L and XL for sale. The shirt will be $20. If you guys like it, I can even put them up for sale here on blog.

Anyway, if any of you are in Charlotte this weekend, be sure to drop by and say hello, and while your at it, be sure to stop by and support the Wide Awake, Top Shelf and Dollar Bin crews:

J Chris Campbell
Duane Ballenger

Josh Latta
Brad McGinty
Andy Runton
Robert Venditti
Rob Ullman
Ben Towle

Not only are these all cool guys, but they even have cool comics and stuff for you to buy which include:

WAP books

WAP books

WAP stuff

WAP stuffWAP stuff

WAP stuff WAP stuff

WAP stuff

The Ancient Age (very few copies)
Avatards – Josh Latta
Traffic & Weather – Robert Ullman
Broken Rekkid – Duane Ballenger
Blast It – J Chris Campbell
Neatobot Trading Card – J Chris Campbell

Decision Decider Coin
FLUKE (variant cover very few copies)
Tobey Maguire Comics & Stories – Brad McGinty
Redskin Rashy – Josh Latta

Mandar DVD by Brad McGinty
Apple Devil T-shirt by Justin Gammon
Music Bot T-shirt by J. Chris Campbell
Heroes Convention Attack Poster
New Duane T-shirt (not pictured)

Back in print Rob Venditti’s Dads
New Dollar Bin Book with WAPPIES Brad, Josh, J Chris and Pat Lewis in
J Chris Campbell has a story in the AWESOMER anthology with cover by Heroes Con guest Jeff Smith.
Joey Weiser will have some of the FLUKE poster

Hope to see you there!

6 Responses

  1. the pizza says:

    yes, put them for sale on the blog. that’s a badass design. I’m a definitely want one when I’m not horribly broke. maybe in august. I can dream.

  2. Ben says:

    That’s just an awesome shirt. Apple Devil in the hizzay!

    Unfortunately, Wizard World Philadelphia is also this weekend, and that’s hella closer than the Heroes Convention (which I’ve heard nothing but good things about). I’m always on the lookout for Weirdo Toys no matter where I go!

  3. @ the pizza – Thanks. Good to know Apple Devil is badass 😉 I’ll post the shirts here soon. I have to figure out how to create a purchasing system on the site.

    @ Ben – I’d love to go to Wizard World, but like you said about Heroes Con – It’s way too far away. Thanks for looking out for Weirdo Toys 😀

  4. The King Of Bootlegs says:

    Sweet tee! I must have one when the cash flows good.

  5. Ryan says:

    Yes, the T-shirt is needed for us non-Americans here. Yes!

  6. theo says:

    wikid TEE ima grab one soon as they are available!

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