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You're such a brat… and your dog's ugly.

You’re such a brat… and your dog’s ugly.

Brat Doll and Troll Elephant

Awww… isn’t that cute? It’s a little girl with her fuzzy puppy.

“Hey! Little girl – can I pet your dog?”

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Brat Doll and Troll Elephant


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Troll Elephant

Kill it! Kill it!!

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Troll Elephant

What the hell is that thing?

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Troll Elephant

Um.. hmm. Is that a hairless dog?


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Troll Elephant

Um… is that an elephant with a human head?

Uh… kind of… I dunno.

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Brat Doll

Hey… Wait.


What’re you doing?

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Brat Doll and Troll Elephant


This can’t be happening!


Sorry folks. A little gross I know?

Seriously though. What the hell is up with these toys?

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Brat Doll and Troll Elephant Brat Doll and Troll Elephant

I don’t have many strange “dolls” in my collection, but for obvious reasons I HAD to have these two. I mean, c’mon! A creepy, little red-headed stepchild along with some kind of crossbreed, humanoid elephant. What’s not to like?

My question is, how can these have been produced with children in mind? Seems like the makings of a nightmare if you ask me.

These toys aren’t related at all, as far as toy series, toy company or anything goes… but in some strange way, they seem to be made for each other.
When I picked these up last year, I had no clue what they were, but luckily with a bit of online research, I can now tell you what’s up with these guys.

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Troll Elephant

Let’s start with the freaky-ass, humanoid elephant creature.

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Troll Elephant

He has a gray, elephant’s body, a human face, with real hair and an elephant’s trunk. Strange.

Troll Animals

Well, as some might have guessed, this toy is actually a troll doll by Dam. They actually released a now-rare collection of troll animals in the 1960s.

If trolls weren’t creepy enough, they have now been unnaturally paired with various animals to give us instant oddities. Some of them are actually kind of cute, but luckily for us, mine’s freaky. (I think it may be a bootleg or something, because mine is so small compared to the original, larger-sized troll animals. It also has a marking “Made in Japan” on its belly.)

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Brat Doll

And next we have the scary, little girl who looks like the Joker.

Happy Herman

She actually reminds me of the old Happy Herman doll I posted about a few years back – kind of an Alfred E. Neuman ripoff. She’s a creepy, rubber doll with red, rooted hair, freckles, and a mysterious open mouth with sloppy lipstick applied.

Since I first got her, I always had the sense that she’s made to squeak or blow a balloon or something. Turns out, I was right.

Brat Doll

Apparently, these dolls had a small balloon tongue which would inflate when you squeezed the doll’s torso.

She’s actually from an old series of dolls released in the 1960s simply called “Brat Doll.” (I’ve actually gathered a few pics from old Etsy sales.)

Brat Doll

Brat Doll

The tag around her neck reads:

Brat Doll – Squeeze me and I stick out my tongue.

Pat. #104994

I’m just a little brat

Enco, Inc. N.Y.C., Sole Importers, Parkersmith Corp N.Y.C.

Brat Doll

Looks like there were variations of the Brat Doll – sometimes sold as a girl or a boy depending on the haircut and clothing. Good to see hobo children toys were all the rage in the 60s. Could this be original form of “Bratz?”

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Troll Elephant and Brat Doll

Now wasn’t that educational? As always, you’ve now discovered a toy you’ve never seen and will never want to see again 😉

I guess it’s time to ride off into the sunset.

“Hi-yo Weirdo! Away!!”

19 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    You’d have to be a brat to do what she did to that poor elephant troll doll’s trunk. Zing!

  2. Josh Blair says:

    That picture with the trunk it the doll’s mouth made me literally laugh out loud. Too weird!

  3. the pizza says:

    we have people that look like that around here.

  4. krakit says:


    You’re right about how they seem to pair up so well.

  5. Former Neighbor says:

    You find the coolest strange stuff!

  6. Wow, what crazy toys. I love trolls but I’m not sure I’ll ever look at them the same way after that strangely morphed elephant creature

  7. Toycoon says:

    Ha ha! Psychotic Little Brat sucking on an troll elephant’s trunk !

  8. Josh says:

    Chucky meets Dorothy Gale, from Kansas meets weird elephant puppy. So odd.

  9. Doll says:

    Bratz dolls are ugly too.

  10. Toyman says:

    Man, trolls are freaky! Speaking of trolls, do you remember the battle trolls? Those were pretty awesome!!! I own quite a few of them, but my favorite is the cyborg troll.

  11. Michelle says:

    OMG!! I used to have that red-headed doll!! What was my mom thinking???

  12. sandy says:

    I had one of these! Lived in California when I was 4 , my mom used to call me “Brat Doll” long after the doll was gone.

  13. Melissa says:

    I have one of these

  14. Brooke says:

    The elephant doll is from a 60’s brand outta japan called Lovable Uglies. They’re to resemble the dam trolls.

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