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Damned Dirty Hippie (or Naked Hippie Stuntman)

Damned Dirty Hippie (or Naked Hippie Stuntman)

Here we are again. A down-on-his-luck homeless toy. They’re always getting in the way when rummaging through the toy bins at fleamarkets and toy shows.

And what do we have here? A filthy, dirty, naked… stuntman. (You remember this guy’s buddy don’t you?)

I never would’ve expected to find another one of these guys, but here he is. A guy with the same entirely flesh-toned body, decorative belt, boots and underwear.

(Click to enlarge)
Naked Hippie Stuntman

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Naked Hippie Stuntman

This guy’s generic-as-hell, poorly made and just plain awkward… which has got me thinking. What if there’s actually a toyline out there made to look like trash. I can picture it now – an assembly line of people brushing this dirt on the toys. I see the mold makers throwing out all the good ones, making sure the bad molds with flack are used for the final production run. And to top it off, they’ll leave no production markings, so you can’t trace where and when this toy came into existence. (maybe this will be the future production plan for a Weirdo Toys store).

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Naked Hippie Stuntman

Where do these guys come from?

How do they get so dirty?

What the hell.

I’ve gotta wash my hands again!


I did some snooping around, and I may have some idea what these guys are. It’s possible they’re from a toyline called The Karate Defenders. They were made by Imperial Toy in 1986. They were outfitted with cloth outfits and various weapons such as kamas and katanas. This is the only photographic evidence i could gather.

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The Karate Defenders
Karate Defenders photo courtesy of GORT at Thanks!

7 Responses

  1. From a fellow crappy toy fan, I want to say thank you for the time you put into making fun of the ones you find. 😀

    If you’re comfortable giving out your address via e-mail I can send you one of my favorite ones ever, still in its package…because the package is what MAKES this toy.

  2. Me says:

    You need to think seriously of getting a job with the CIA.
    You could find Bin Laden in less than a week. Great research as usual.

  3. Mistuh_t says:

    YES! I found one of these guys still in blister packaging at a shady back alley garage sale. I couldn’t help but take it out of the package though. These guys are pretty rock awesome.

  4. Justin says:

    Would you be willing to get rid of it? I think I want a Clothed Hippie Stuntman.

  5. Mistuh_t says:

    Mine is actually not a hippy stuntman its a cyborg stuntman. I’ll have to sit on that offer because these guys are pretty amazing in a super awful sort of way.

  6. Katey G. says:

    I thought he kinda looked like when Chuck Norris stayed in the mystic tan one too many minutes long.

  7. Justin says:

    Mystic Tan? Nah. More like Mystic Dumpster 😀

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