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Generic, Two-Faced Barbarian

Generic, Two-Faced Barbarian

Like so many other generic hero toys produced through the years, this figure was a badly-executed ripoff of the iconic 80s toyline, Masters of the Universe (unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this character or the toyline he comes from… sorry folks).

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Generic 2-faced Barbarian Figure Generic 2-faced Barbarian Figure

He’s pretty crummy. If they’d ripped off the molds from the source, he could look a little better, but that would’ve robbed him of his charm. I think it’s his absurdly swollen, plump muscles that make his appearance that much more comedic (not to mention his stumpy, blue arms and legs, silver torso with pink starburst designs and the goofy-looking horned helmet). Sure, this toy’s ugliness appealed to me, but I think it was the slightly higher thinking of the toy designer and manufacturer that delighted me even more. There are tons of generic He-Man ripoffs out there, but this little toy series featured ugly barbarian guys with spinning heads with a human face on one side and a monster face on the opposite side. Pretty cool for a Dollar Tree toy.

We’ve established this generic, dual-personality barbarian isn’t a He-Man figure or anything, but he does look like he could be the distant cousin of Man-E-Faces. (Remember Man-E-Faces? Who could forget him? He’s the guy with the spinning faces to reveal a man, a robot and a monster).

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Masters of the Universe - Man-E-Faces Masters of the Universe Man-E-Faces spinning face

I think I’ll call this barbarian guy Cup-L-Faces. That seems appropriate. He can be one of those low-budget monsters that Skeletor makes (first Faker, now this).

Barbarian spinning head with monster and human faces Cup-L-Faces vs. Man-E-Faces

I know you’re wondering “what makes him a bad guy?” Well, if the evil monster on the back of his head doesn’t convince you, there’s the tell-tale blood spatter on his cheek and lip. That’s hard core. No He-Man figure has that. That’s a sure sign he’s a killer.

11 Responses

  1. Matty says:

    I love the Barbarian’s kankles!!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Okay… first of all… I’m going to have to say that I’m concerned about all this action figure posing you’re doing lately. What exactly is Cup-L-Faces doing to Man-E-Faces? Second… I’m going to call him Kup-L-Faces… because Ks are infinitely funnier than Cs (see Matty’s use of “kankles” above). Third… I think it’s a pink torso with a silver starburst. So there.

  3. J Chris says:

    Love the animated head spins!! Top notch!

  4. duane says:

    Number one, I thought that the “blood spatter” was a red, inflammed pimple and C, I think the name Kup-O-Soup my be funny as well!

  5. Justin says:

    Matty – Ha!! Kankles! I knew I missed something.

    Jenn – I’m gonna set you on fire 😉

    J Chris – Thanks. Animated GIFs – the newest gimmick in toy blogging

    Duane – I’ll trade you Kup-O-Soup for Apple Devil

  6. Patrick says:

    from the series “Two-Face Warriors”, seriously!

  7. Shuptrine says:

    This figure if from a line called “Two Faced Devils” from the early 90’s. I do not know how to post pics here but I could send you some if you PM me at actionfigurearchive. My name there is Shuptrine too.

  8. Shuptrine says:

    Sorry, Figure line is called “Two Faces Devil” not Two faced Devils. My bad.

  9. The King of Bootlegs says:

    Now that’s deserves the Golden Septer! I owned these jems of plastic when my local Dollar Tree was around. I shed a tear cuz they moved and a motor cycle shop is in it’s place. I wanna em Damn it!

  10. The King of Bootlegs says:

    If ya have any of these fugly wonders on hand (extras) i’ll gladly take em!

  11. theo says:

    actually grabbed 4 of these bad boys today from a market! my PC is down at the minuit and i am using a friends, however, wud be glad to send you pics of them soon as i can!

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