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Well, last time I thought I’d show you some cool “knock offs” of your favorite super heroes, but today, we’re taking it to full-on “bootleg.”

So what do you get when you combine the world’s three most popular comic superheroes into one figure?

You get a mess.

If you can’t afford a figure of each, might as well combine ’em. right?

Let me introduce you to a bootleg figure I like to call Super-Spider-Man.

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

He’s the best of all your favorite superheroes!

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

The body of Spider-Man painted as the costume of Superman…

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

… topped off with the cape of Batman. (It’s red, but I’d recognize that jagged, zig-zag cape pattern anywhere.)


I think he’s actually a bootleg of a bootleg. He’s not a “real” Superman bootleg. He’s a 10″ tall bootleg movie Spider-Man figure that’s been repainted as Superman. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bootleg of a bootleg. Ha!

So, yeah. He’s freaky enough as it is, but look at this!!


His eyes are crawling up his head. Is this Superman’s new approach to hiding his identity?

Out of curiosity, I decided to put his eyes in their proper place.


I “Photoshopped” ’em, and I’m not quite sure he looks any better.

So, we’ve established this guy’s a horribly-produced bootleg – complete with the weird hollowed-out arms, scraggly paint job, but he does have one more small surprise.

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

Did you notice that weird, little button on this guy’s back? It actually activates a little, red LED in his chest.

Super-Spider-Man Bootleg Figure

Awesome! I think this is his bootleg heat-vision! (His eyes relocated, so maybe his heat-vision did too.)

I’m scared to look into the light.

Whew! If the crappiness of this toy doesn’t blind you, at least the LED will. Maybe if you stare at it long enough, you’ll go blind and will never have to see this monstrosity again.

28 Responses

  1. bubbashelby says:

    I’ve heard of a “love child” before, but that things gotta be the first “hate child” ever! What a monstrosity!

  2. openthetoy says:

    @WeirdoToys its high noon over my end. LOL

  3. Devil Dan says:

    Maybe he’s also part Iron Man and that led is his power core and uni beam.

  4. This post is way to funny. A bootleg of a bootleg. lol. I think its possible that whoever, or whichever company manufactured it, possible didn’t know anything about the actual characters or something. lol.

  5. iPHONEbraggyBoY says:

    @WeirdoToys where in the world did you find this??? Haha!!

  6. Tommy says:

    Wow, where do you find this stuff?

  7. joeyellis says:

    @WeirdoToys I think this is the best toy you’ve ever shared. It quite simply stands for everything you believe in.

  8. Al says:

    That’s the most awesome thing ever.

  9. JasonGammon says:

    @WeirdoToys HA! Super Spider Man is super crappy. Great find!

  10. Ben says:

    Maybe they knew what they were doing. Maybe they set out to create the world’s greatest super hero of all time.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the bootleg action figure factor workers said, “We have too many fake Superman heads and too many fake Spiderman bodies! Dare we combine them? Hah, of course we dare, it’s not like we hold ourselves to higher standards or anything. Throw in a red Batman cape for shits and giggles!”

    And I love how a red LED light up chest shows up in the most unlikely places.

    • I definitely think it was the latter – A bunch of extra pieces that had to go somewhere.

      I need a warehouse full of miscellaneous toy parts. I need to start making Weirdo Toys.

  11. Oran Parker says:

    Holy CRAP! What a simply glorious, piece of toy garbage! How do you find this stuff? This thing is amazazazazazazing!

  12. Theo says:

    We get a lot of this kinda thing over in the UK from the ‘Pound Land’ store, same as your ‘dollar store’ lol
    i got a couple of knock of kamen riders, both of them had weapons molded from various other recognisable toy lines, none of which even fit in their hands.
    gotta love a good knock off, this super spider guy is brilliant!

    toxic Figures Kingdom

  13. Shawn Robare says:

    Man, I love these bootleg figures. There are a ton of them clogging up the booths at our local flea markets, and weirdly enough 90% of them have that crazy LED light in their chests. My favorites by far are the variations on Spiderman, in particular the dual-spider-logo figures. I consider them to be twice the Peter Parker for 1/10th of the cost.

  14. Darrin says:

    HA! Truly Horrid! I LOVE IT!!

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  17. all Romeo says:

    You should have given him the bat ears like batman has over his head

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  19. Dan K says:

    I think the light makes him Iron Man! Maybe it’s Rogue.

    My group just made a cartoon about Man-spider

    Maybe now we’ll have to get him a gig as a glorified janitor. We’d call it Man-spider-super.

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